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 (trā′kīt′, trăk′īt′)
A light-colored igneous rock consisting essentially of alkali feldspar.

[French, from Greek trākhus, rough.]

tra·chyt′ic (trə-kĭt′ĭk) adj.
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(ˈtreɪkaɪt; ˈtræ-)
(Geological Science) a light-coloured fine-grained volcanic rock of rough texture consisting of feldspars with small amounts of pyroxene or amphibole
[C19: from French, from Greek trakhutēs, from trakhus rough]
trachytoid adj
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(ˈtreɪ kaɪt, ˈtræk aɪt)

a fine-grained volcanic rock consisting essentially of alkali feldspar and one or more subordinate minerals, as hornblende or mica: the extrusive equivalent of syenite.
[1815–25; < French < Greek trāchýtēs roughness =trāchý(s) rough + -tēs n. suffix]
tra•chyt•ic (trəˈkɪt ɪk) trach•y•toid (ˈtræk ɪˌtɔɪd, ˈtreɪ kɪ-) adj.
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To the conglomerate and trachyte succeeded black basalt, the first dispread in layers full of bubbles, the latter forming regular prisms, placed like a colonnade supporting the spring of the immense vault, an admirable specimen of natural architecture.
The trachyte stone of the erstwhile quarry -- which provided stones for, among others, the Cologne cathedral -- is porous.
The eruptive products were alkali and tholeiitic basalts, trachyte and comendite lavas, and pyroclastic equivalents [5].
and Holdsworth, R.E.: 2016, Deformation structures associated with the Trachyte Mesa intrusion, Henry Mountains, Utah: Implications for sill and laccolith emplacement mechanisms.
The Canik Mountains are formed primarily of andesite, trachyte and sandstone and are cut through by the Yesil Irmak River gorge.
It was made of sandstone, not trachyte as was used for statues in Java, and it was concluded that it was made locally (Anon.
Volcanic rocks of middle to upper Tertiary age and probably Miocene range from basalts to trachyte. crop out in the Meidob Hills in the north in the Tagabo hills between Mellit and Malha and in the Jebel Marra complex with it's eastward directed lava outflows to the Shagera Basin [17].
Mackenzie, "Synthesis of 11 [Angstrom] Al-substituted tobermorite from trachyte rock by hydrothermal treatment," Ceramics International, vol.
(1994) reported rhyolites to quartz trachyte, which are later named as orthophyres in Nagar Parkar and Dhed Vero areas (Muslim and Akhtar, 1995).
Two main lineages are apparent for the potassic rock-types (Figure 5 and inset (II)): (1) a silica undersatured lineage (B-P) ranging from basanite to phonolite and peralkaline phonolite and (2) a silica-saturated lineage (AB-T) ranging from alkali basalt to trachyphonolite and trachyte [13,42,44].
The new liturgical block, with branching auxiliary spaces (the chapter-oratory to the left; sacristy, two chapels and lavamani to the right) became the juncture of the internal circulationpattern and the larger geographic context, expressed by the unadorned facade framed by two flanking bell-towers in trachyte stone.