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 (trā′kīt′, trăk′īt′)
A light-colored igneous rock consisting essentially of alkali feldspar.

[French, from Greek trākhus, rough.]

tra·chyt′ic (trə-kĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Geological Science) (of the texture of certain igneous rocks) characterized by a parallel arrangement of crystals, which mark the flow of the lava when still molten
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Hornblende-feldspar porphyries, displaying flow or trachytic textures, occur as the extrusive equivalent of the intrusive dikes.
Many samples preserve relict igneous or sedimentary textures, such as intergranular and trachytic textures in mafic flows, eutaxitic banding in felsic flows, ffagmental texture in tuffaceous rocks, and bedding in epiclastic rocks.
loose, fragmental) know as local trachytic basalt-andesite with an estimated age of 20000-30000 years BP (Asio 1996; Jahn and Asio 1998).
Where the road crosses the Reventazon at Angostura, the river cuts its way through a mass of a solid trachytic porphyry.
All Samoan tempers were derived alike from basaltic or associated trachytic source rocks, but the beach sands, colluvial debris, and crushed rock that served as temper in other Samoan sherd suites are unlike the stream sands used for Pulemelei temper.
5 mm in maximum dimension, in a groundmass with a trachytic texture.
There are two types of deposits on Sardinia, a sedimentary bentonite of Miocene age and a hydrothermally altered trachytic tuff (Annedda, 1956).
The youngest rocks outcrop only in the southern sector of the island (Monte Guardia) as a sequence of partly subaerial pyroclastic and trachytic lava deposits.
The well-preserved igneous texture of fresh trachyandesite is trachytic as shown by fluidally aligned plagioclase laths up to 0.