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A worker employed to maintain or inspect railroad tracks.


n, pl -men
(Railways) US and Canadian a workman who lays and maintains railway track. Also called (in Britain and certain other countries): platelayer


(ˈtræk mən)

an athlete on a track team.


[ˈtrækmən] N (trackmen (pl)) (US) → obrero m de ferrocarril
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Jeffrey was a Maintenance Trackman for Union Pacific Railroad.
Each studio is fitted with the V1 Pro 4-camera system and high-speed cameras, the SAM Balance Lab, the K-Vest and the Trackman launch monitors to enable golfers to assess their game accurately.
The unique features of the driving range are we have the first Trackman range in the region where all the shots are tracked by radar allowing for each golfer to have the ability to play competitive games with others thru their smart phone whilst practicing
The club's resident professional, Rory Young, demonstrated Trackman software as part of a longest-carry competition, whilst captain Paul Anderson took charge of a hit-the-gong contest and president Mark Hodgkinson guided a nearest-the-pin chipping competition.
The Emmy Award recognizes ChyronHego and its partners, TrackMan and MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM), for their work on Statcast, a complete ecosystem for real-time sports tracking and visualization that combines TrackMans radar-based ball-tracking system and ChyronHegos TRACAB optical player-tracking solution and state-of-the-art broadcast visualization tools.
Money was raised through ticket sales, donations, a photo booth, vodka luge, casino tables, Trackman longest drive, silent and live auctions, and an incredible raffle.
I only tried it briefly once before, but I feel like I want to give it a proper go and it's obviously going to give me a little bigger gaps between the other irons, so I've got some work to do on the TrackMan there.
Arbitration has been utilized to assist contracting parties in resolving a variety of commercial, asset expropriation, intellectual property (IP) and labor disputes (He & Sappideen, 2013; Trackman, 2014 ; Fakih, 2013; Slater, 2013; Fry & Chance, 2013; Nobles, 2012).
I worked with a lot of different things but I worked with the Taylor-Made guys and started with one Trackman [ball tracking device] on the range and saw stuff with the ball and I thought, 'Wow, this is what I need'.
I worked with the TaylorMade guys and started with one Trackman (a ball tracking device) on the range.
Every day a trackman moves with a load of 15 kg of equipment over a distance of about five km.