tract house

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tract house

One of numerous houses of similar or complementary design constructed on a tract of land.

tract housing n.
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tract′ house`

a house forming part of a real-estate development, usu. having a plan and appearance common to some or all of the houses in the development.
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Noun1.tract house - one of many houses of similar design constructed together on a tract of landtract house - one of many houses of similar design constructed together on a tract of land
house - a dwelling that serves as living quarters for one or more families; "he has a house on Cape Cod"; "she felt she had to get out of the house"
tract housing - housing consisting of similar houses constructed together on a tract of land
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His cases have involved high-end custom homes, mixed use developments, commercial, and tract homes. Mr.
Kitchen design was not oriented toward custom dimensions in tract homes.
"Suburbia" is a 1984 film about suburban punks who run away from home and end up squatting in abandoned suburban tract homes. Among the cast is bassist Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
The sprawling campus here has Southern California written all over it, including US styled tract homes, white picket fences and horse stables.
He tells the story of how the Rindge family came to own and then lose their grip on Malibu and commemorates their role in preserving the natural beauty of greater Los Angeles long after other areas of Southern California became strip malls and tract homes. Few who travel on the Pacific Coast Highway today know about the epic battle that created the road.
Stretch outside Old Town and you'll find everything from cookie-cutter tract homes for around $100,000, to 11,000-square-foot palaces on sprawling horse properties listed at S2 million.
Christopher Leinberger of Brookings thinks, "today's tract homes in the far suburbs will deteriorate into the slums of 2030." Even Ehrenhalt-who generally subscribes to an optimistic stance-worries about the cities that will, inevitably, be unable to offer the jobs necessary for urban renewal.
By the time Cain wrote Mildred Pierce, suburban tract homes were spreading across the country, and Americans were beginning the long migration from apartments and farms to single-family dwellings.
cul-de-sacs and tract homes with his hands and calling for "more production value".
Bill's subjects are almost everything I hate about Los Angeles: patios, sliding glass doors, tract homes, etc.
These types of ceilings are generally found in custom homes, semicustom homes, or upgraded higher-end tract homes. It is reasonable to believe that home buyers who demand these features at the time a home is built are likely to also demand other upgraded features such as granite (or granite-like) counter surfaces, double ovens, trash compactors, custom-built cabinets, central vacuums, walk-in showers, upgraded millwork, and the like.
What if, instead of constructing more exurban tract homes that now sit empty, we'd connected existing homes and businesses by fiber-optic cable to the Internet, the way they have been in countries like South Korea and Japan, where download speeds are orders of magnitude faster than they are here?