tract house

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tract house

One of numerous houses of similar or complementary design constructed on a tract of land.

tract housing n.

tract′ house`

a house forming part of a real-estate development, usu. having a plan and appearance common to some or all of the houses in the development.
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Noun1.tract house - one of many houses of similar design constructed together on a tract of landtract house - one of many houses of similar design constructed together on a tract of land
house - a dwelling that serves as living quarters for one or more families; "he has a house on Cape Cod"; "she felt she had to get out of the house"
tract housing - housing consisting of similar houses constructed together on a tract of land
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Public records show the couple own the tract house where the children were found.
Contractor address : Almaty, Turksib district Ili tract house 17
The camper van is soon located along with its owner, a gangly, inarticulate man-child named Alex (played to creepy perfection by Paul Dano), who lives with his aunt (Melissa Leo) in the kind of run-down, cluttered tract house where serial killers and other movie deviants tend to reside.
The model home had all the amenities of a brand-new tract house, but the perks were all facade--the sales office for the tract was outfitted with fake marble and chintzy plastic fixtures, while the back area was a deteriorated shamble covered in ripped plastic tarps bordering a swamp.
Ordinary people "with nothing more to recommend them except their habits of hard work" could now purchase a simple tract house and thus become full-fledged participants in the American Dream a dream which has become for many a nightmare.
Does it really make sense to replace a tornado-ravaged tract house with another tract house?
More light and openness, the latest appliances, and a richer color palette give this kitchen in a 1950s Eichler tract house new life while preserving its midcentury-modern character.
Fifty years after a new kind of house and community began to dominate the landscape, a private home in suburbia-albeit a third larger than the average tract house of the Eisenhower era-remains the American dream.
There was a tract house near her mother, still with a gravel drive and a yard filled with old cars and junk.
We see Lugosi alone and lonely in a flimsy little tract house, inhabiting the deepening gloom of his obscurity and addiction, and Wood is able to lift the gloom, if only briefly, in a final series of roles which gave him double immortality: as the star of some of the best horror movies ever made, and then of some of the worst.
They own a Cape Cod tract house on Long Island they bought 25 years ago.