tract house

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tract house

One of numerous houses of similar or complementary design constructed on a tract of land.

tract housing n.

tract′ house`

a house forming part of a real-estate development, usu. having a plan and appearance common to some or all of the houses in the development.
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Noun1.tract house - one of many houses of similar design constructed together on a tract of landtract house - one of many houses of similar design constructed together on a tract of land
house - a dwelling that serves as living quarters for one or more families; "he has a house on Cape Cod"; "she felt she had to get out of the house"
tract housing - housing consisting of similar houses constructed together on a tract of land
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Not content merely to advertise his tract houses in the newspaper, Chandler dropped $21,000 to erect an epic sign in Griffith Park.
Now it's the locals that are incredulous to think that anything can grow in this dry, desolate region other than casinos and tract houses.
Waldie writes that reformer Edward Filenes 1925 call to "Make houses like Fords" began to be realized in the mid-1950s with the mass production of tract houses and mortgages financed by federal housing agencies and savings institutions.
Developers building tract houses often ignore that approach and wind up creating structures that consume more energy because they are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, Freed said.
This from one of the top real estate agents in the Santa Clarita Valley, where the boom during the first half of the decade saw prices for tract houses push toward the seven-figure mark before crashing to half that.
By automating the task of running service lines to houses, the trenching machines helped bring down the costs of new tract houses and fueled the rise of the suburb as the new American ideal.
When you come upon a grouping of large tract houses, or of low-rise apartments masquerading as large tract houses, that is heralded by a signboard bearing a title ("Lark's Crest Estates"; "The Village at Hunter's Ridge"), you are seeing New Jersey, even if you happen to be in Colorado.
Where the tract houses end, the vines begin and the entrance to Hart Winery, small and unassuming, is right there within 500 feet.
At a time when most tract houses were traditionally styled in clapboard or stucco--and not designed by architects--the Eichler stood out.
It's a land of fruit groves, gorgeous beaches, and tract houses in planned suburbs carved out of rolling hills.
For Ruscha and Graham, it was the set of parking lots or swimming pools, or the one-after-the-other serial order of the barrack-like suburban tract houses, that was crucial rather than the particular details of the stock architecture.
On the other hand, if you happen to visit good, civic-minded people in those tract houses, you tend to feel differently.