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1. Easily managed or controlled; governable.
2. Easily handled or worked; malleable.

[Latin tractābilis, from tractāre, to manage, frequentative of trahere, to draw.]

trac′ta·bil′i·ty, trac′ta·ble·ness n.
trac′ta·bly adv.
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Noun1.tractability - the trait of being easily persuadedtractability - the trait of being easily persuaded
trait - a distinguishing feature of your personal nature
manageability, manageableness - capable of being managed or controlled
docility - the trait of being agreeably submissive and manageable
domestication, tameness - the attribute of having been domesticated
amenability, amenableness, cooperativeness - the trait of being cooperative
obedience - the trait of being willing to obey
intractability, intractableness - the trait of being hard to influence or control


The quality or state of willingly carrying out the wishes of others:


n (lit: of metal) → Formbarkeit f, → Bearbeitbarkeit f; (fig) (of child, animal, disposition)Fügsamkeit f, → Lenkbarkeit f; (of problem)(leichte) Lösbarkeit
References in classic literature ?
We may, perhaps, succeed in restoring her to them, if she is not obstinate: but I trace lines of force in her face which make me sceptical of her tractability.
She went--as docile as a well-trained child; she was a curious mixture of tractability and firmness: I sat thinking about her, and wondering what her plan could be, when she re-entered.
Mrs Durbeyfield was only too delighted at this tractability.
Financing is a crucial part of our tractability and provides ample opportunity for our firm to move forward.
This partnership brings customers an independent, open planning, so they can retain tractability in their long-term decisions.
We will revise the conventional complexity theory to characterize the tractability of queries on big data, and formalize parallel scalability with the increase of processors.
Regardless of its breed, features to look for in a suitable steer are alertness, tractability, strong bones and muscles for power, and straight, strong legs for traveling.
There is always a need to define the distribution for the failure process as a Poisson failure process for analytical tractability.
We base the GA on a model chosen for the tractability of the resulting expressions and we reparameterize the inputs in a way that restores consistency as much as possible.
Those questions were the right ones to pose about Ectot's temperament and tractability, Avenir Certain's stamina, the lack of Longchamp experience of the Japanese horses and jockeys, the difficulty for Taghrooda and Kingston Hill in defying wide draws and, in the case of Roger Varian's St Leger-winning colt, yet another test on unsuitable fast ground.
We've seen the demand for the ability to have a lubricious inner layer for tractability over the guide wire and then the thermoplastic layer on the outside to be able to thermally adhere a balloon tube, and then an adhesive layer to bond two dissimilar material types together.
Further credit goes to the 113bhp, 1,596cc engine for its tractability.