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1. Easily managed or controlled; governable.
2. Easily handled or worked; malleable.

[Latin tractābilis, from tractāre, to manage, frequentative of trahere, to draw.]

trac′ta·bil′i·ty, trac′ta·ble·ness n.
trac′ta·bly adv.
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Noun1.tractability - the trait of being easily persuadedtractability - the trait of being easily persuaded
trait - a distinguishing feature of your personal nature
manageability, manageableness - capable of being managed or controlled
docility - the trait of being agreeably submissive and manageable
domestication, tameness - the attribute of having been domesticated
amenability, amenableness, cooperativeness - the trait of being cooperative
obedience - the trait of being willing to obey
intractability, intractableness - the trait of being hard to influence or control


The quality or state of willingly carrying out the wishes of others:


n (lit: of metal) → Formbarkeit f, → Bearbeitbarkeit f; (fig) (of child, animal, disposition)Fügsamkeit f, → Lenkbarkeit f; (of problem)(leichte) Lösbarkeit
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Mrs Durbeyfield was only too delighted at this tractability.
We may, perhaps, succeed in restoring her to them, if she is not obstinate: but I trace lines of force in her face which make me sceptical of her tractability.
She went--as docile as a well-trained child; she was a curious mixture of tractability and firmness: I sat thinking about her, and wondering what her plan could be, when she re-entered.
In 2015, Shiffman et al (4) presented the comprehensive ten factor framework for analysis of global health network effectiveness which further developed the earlier thinking, expanding on the actor/network features (leadership, governance, composition and framing strategies); the policy context (allies and opponents, funding availability and global expectations of the issue's priority); and thirdly the issues characteristics themselves (severity, tractability and the groups affected).
It is the most appropriate vehicle for city-bound types because of its size, nippiness, tractability, punchy 1.
VSM incorporates a new dynamic torque vectoring system which monitors driver inputs and road conditions and automatically applies power and braking force to the inner rear wheel to minimise understeer and enhance tractability and steering feel.
Those classic traits varied depending on whom you talked to, but usually included marking ability, intelligence, tractability, retrieving instinct and physical conformation.
The SCCI President further said that international market requirements, quality, environment and social standards were changing rapidly, which demand tractability and transparency of the full supply chain of leather products being manufactured in Pakistan for complying with the new international quality standards being introduced by REACH and Leather Working Group (LWG).
Recent research works exploit tools from stochastic geometry to analytically evaluate performance of both homogeneous networks [16-19] and Hetnets [20-22] where the locations of the macro base stations (MeNBs) and femto base stations (known as HeNBs in LTE-A) are assumed to be distributed according to a point process, usually the homogeneous Poisson point process (PPP) for its tractability.
However, to maintain analytical tractability, they assume constant demand and iid exponential and uniform lead times.
Risk neutrality is a standard economic assumption for tractability.
We acknowledge that organizational structure and the resulting institutional quality may influence the behavior of managers and employees, however, we hold this constant to improve the tractability of the model.