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A treatise; an essay.

[Latin tractātus; see tract2.]


1. (Journalism & Publishing) a short tract; treatise
2. (Judaism) Judaism one of the volumes of the Talmud
[C15: from Latin tractātus, from tractāre to handle; see tractable]


(ˈtræk teɪt)

1. a treatise; essay.
2. any of the books of the Talmud.
[1425–75; < Medieval Latin tractātus, derivative of Latintractā(re) to handle, treat (frequentative of trahere to draw)]
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He spoke very handsomely of my late tractate on the Egyptian Mysteries,--using, in fact, terms which it would not become me to repeat.
Throughout this Article, I will use the convention of indicating a tractate of the Babylonian Talmud by prefacing the tractate with "B.
Brooks, Roger, The Talmud of the Land of Israel: Tractate Maaser Sheni, University of Chicago Press, 1993.
In Jerusalem, Rabbis for Human Rights issued a statement saying, "Many Israelis will quote from the Talmudic Tractate Sanhedrin, 'When somebody is coming to kill you, get up earlier and kill him first.
Tractate Sanhedrin 81a states that "[h]e who incurs two death penalties imposed by Beth Din [the Court] is executed by the severer.
For example, the Babylonian Talmud tractate Ta'anit 2a notes that the key to timely rains was not entrusted to a messenger.
98) Boethius identifies the proposition "those things incorporeal are not in place (quae incorporalia in loco non esse)" as a common conception of the soul (conceptio communis animi) in his theological tractate De Hebdomadibus / Quomodo Substantiae I.
30) Augustine was the enemy of the Law, which he called "the most troublesome pedagogue," and, in the Tractate Against the Jews, affirmed that God did not exterminate the Jews, because their scriptures conserve the testimony of the truth of Christianity.
My favorite is his annotation to Rabbi Abraham Alperstein's edition of Tractate Bikkurim (First Fruits) from the Jerusalem Talmud (1887, 1890), the "first tractate of the Talmud and first Talmudic commentary in America.
Sometimes, however, he is stretching things a bit, transgressing the borders between a scientific tractate and a missionary polemic.
Indeed, Mahoney calls the "Stolypin cycle" of August 1914 (the first of the five volumes in the massive cycle) "a veritable tractate on statesmanship.