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Serving to pull or draw; exerting traction.

[From Latin tractus, past participle of trahere, to draw.]
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(ˈtræk tɪv)

having or exerting traction; drawing.
[1605–15; < Latin tract(us) (see tractile) + -ive]
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- Refers to power exerted in pulling, especially by a machine.
See also related terms for pulling.
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Adj.1.tractive - exerting traction and serving to pulltractive - exerting traction and serving to pull
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[ˈtræktɪv] ADJtractivo
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References in classic literature ?
He thought it fine that he should be thus selected as the favorite of the richest and most at- tractive girl in town.
He was extremely strong, just as the girl (since I must think of them together) was magnificently at tractive by the masterful power of flesh and blood, expressed in shape, in size, in attitude--that is by a straight appeal to the senses.
SAID Nikki is "a silly woman" and that he doesn't find her at tractive in the slighte st.
The WA1200-3 wheel loader also incorporates a tire saver feature which Murphy said senses when a tire is about to spin and adjusts the tractive effort.
A hydrostatic driveline system provides increased pushing power, tractive force and counter-rotation.
He has been so successful that a top burger maker has just called in the administrators and has succeeded where an army of nutritionists failed and made healthy food at tractive to youngsters.
The double-reduction axle includes a mechanically operated differential lock for maximum control of tractive effort and hydraulically applied service brakes with automatic park/emergency brake capabilities.
The proven quad-track design maximizes tractive effort and stability by maintaining constant four-point ground contact and providing full power to all four tracks.
This sub-class of hydraulic power technology is focused on rotary motion applications, such as tractive drives, winch drives, boring and drilling machines, swing drives, spindle drives, conveyor drives, drum drives and ball screw drives.