tractor pull

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trac′tor pull`

a contest in which tractors compete to pull the heaviest load.
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Sorghum, apple butter & cider making, sawmilling, various demonstrations, all building exhibits open, stock garden tractor pull both days.
I saw the Cal Poly Tractor Pull and decided then and there that I wanted to be involved in that
But the event that seems to keep 'em coming back is the tractor pull.
The tractor pull was one feature of Waters Farm Days, the annual two-day fall festival and fund-raiser for the historic farm on Waters Road.
There were no livestock competitions or harness races, and the marquee tractor pull was replaced by go-kart racing.
A ONE-OFF tractor pull event proved so popular it is being repeated.
All this is relevant because the angle of the tractor pull is related to power factor, which is defined as the ratio of real (working) power to apparent (total) power.
At night the show kicks into high gear for the Championship Tractor Pull.
Weighing in at 33,500 pounds, the P185 RENEGADE has superior plow geometry that replaces the tractor pull arm mounting point further forward to keep the front end down in difficult terrain.
In January 1992, during a monster-truck jump and tractor pull, CO levels averaged 13 parts per million (ppm) before the event (monitored from 6 p.
amp; Sun, Antique Auction and Antique Tractor Pull.
That's how Ray Jackman put it Saturday, as he stood in the middle of a dirt track off Peoria Road, wearing a headset and calling the truck and tractor pull at the resurrected Harrisburg Harvest Festival.