trade book

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trade book

A book published for distribution to the general public through booksellers.

trade book


trade edition

(Journalism & Publishing) an ordinary edition of a book sold in the normal way in shops, as opposed to a de luxe or mail-order edition

trade′ book`

a book of general interest available through an ordinary book dealer, as distinguished from a limited-edition book or textbook.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: book - a book intended for general readershiptrade book - a book intended for general readership
book - a written work or composition that has been published (printed on pages bound together); "I am reading a good book on economics"
best seller, bestseller - a book that has had a large and rapid sale
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US-based consumer book publisher HarperCollins Publishers has acquired the trade book assets of AMACOM from the American Management Association International, the company said.
Rupert Murdoch's reported plans to bolster his book-publishing prowess by gobbling up the Penguin Group publishing company have been thwarted in a pre-emptive move by a German rival that will create the world's largest trade book publisher.
They're good for 40mpg, still respectable, hardy and practical, but the trade book has sunk to just pounds 3,800.
Then, in order to evaluate this explanation, to see how it fits with what others have previously claimed, they should be asked to compare their ideas with ideas presented in a science trade book.
Under the terms of the new agreement, John Cerullo, former Amadeus and Limelight publisher, will become the group publisher of the Manhattan-based Hal Leonard trade book division, and be directly responsible for the development and expansion of Amadeus Press, Limelight Editions and Hal Leonard trade books.
The market for used books accounted for 14% of general trade book sales in 2003, up one percentage point from the previous year.
The slave trade book focuses on America, of course, but also deals briefly with slavery in the western world from classical times, with the role of Africans (especially Arabs) in the American slave trade, and so forth.
The machine was producing about 38,000 tons per year of lightweight printing and trade book grades.
Our goal in writing this article was not to delineate how a teacher can find mathematics in a trade book but to provide a scale to evaluate the trade books that are distinctly oriented toward mathematics, including those defined as counting books, number books, and concept books.
The trade book segment has been an early adopter of digital media.
this CAPS Group member firm provides creative, design, editorial production, content development, page composition, photography, electronic color imaging, color retouching, and asset management to clients in the catalog, direct mail, educational and trade book publishing, publications/directories and retail markets.
As a leading publisher in the parenting category (and the largest woman-owned trade book publisher in the country), Sourcebooks is uniquely positioned to bring the PLAYSKOOL brand to parents in new and interesting ways by publishing a line of books dedicated to serving their needs and wants.