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trade price report beat estimates with strength in core prices and ex-agricultural export prices in particular, alongside the expected big gain in oil import prices, though with a downtick for food export prices.
Global export prices for gray cement have continued to decline into the second half of 2016, falling to well below the $60 per ton mark, according to the 3Q2016 update of CW Researchs Global Cement Trade Price Report (GCTPR).
Trade price reductions were tracked throughout the month by Black Book Live, CAP's real-time price trending tool.
A-PLANT, one of the UK's largest hirers of plant, tools and specialist equipment, has launched a new portable trade price list catalogue for 2011 to provide a complete resource guide for the hire industry.
Police swooped on four men and one woman in Stafford, Sutton Cold-field, Bassetts Pole and Tamworth as part of an investigation with Trading standards into the Rugeley-based Trade Price Group.
Trade Price was returning from Musselburgh races, where he had finished third, on Monday when he leaped into the front section of the horsebox.
FIREMEN had to cut Trade Price free from Ian Semple's horsebox on Monday night after he somehow got over the internal partition and into the driver's cab, writes Graham Green.
They really appreciate the fact that we pay a Fair Trade price that enables them to provide medical support for their kids, provide an education, and have a better standard of living.
A practice recently referred to by Fresh Cup magazine as "groundbreaking" (April 2003), Allegro has its prices audited biannually to ensure that it pays the same or better than the internationally recognized fair trade price for specialty coffee.
The release stated a comparison of its weighted average green coffee price, including fees and taxes, to the internationally recognized fair trade price.
Allegro Coffee Company retained Ernst & Young LLP in 2001 to audit its green coffee prices to ensure that it pays the same or better than the internationally recognized fair trade price for specialty coffee.
However, under the terms of the memorandum of understanding, Enel's purchase price for the shares would be 110% of the average closing trade price for Echelon's Common Stock on the NASDAQ National Market for the ten (10) trading days ending on the trading date prior to the closing date; provided that such price shall be no greater than $43.