trade unionism

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trade union

A labor union, especially one limited in membership to people in the same trade.

trade unionism n.
trade unionist n.
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: unionism - the system or principles and theory of labor unionstrade unionism - the system or principles and theory of labor unions
labor movement, trade union movement, labor - an organized attempt by workers to improve their status by united action (particularly via labor unions) or the leaders of this movement
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trade unionism

[ˌtreɪdˈjuːnjəˌnɪzm] trades unionism [ˌtreɪdzˈjuːnjəˌnɪzm] n (Brit) → sindacalismo
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PM chairperson Rene Magtubo had tagged the killing as a premeditated 'extrajudicial killing' as the suspects waited for Sequena to finish his lecture on trade unionism before he was shot dead.
"It is very fitting he lies in repose in Liberty Hall, the home of Irish trade unionism and birthplace of the socialist-republican ideology of James Connolly and the Irish Citizen Army which was the bedrock of Sean's political views."
Al Zayani lauded trade unionism in Bahrain and its remarkable development to create a stable work environment to serve the interests of the employers and employees.
Atwoli said the war on trade unionism requires sober minds.
It promised that workers' rights to form and join unions would be provided; amendments would be made in the existing labour laws to establish industry-wide trade unionism; and labour laws would be consistent with international conventions and recommendations duly ratified and accepted by the Sindh government.
Responsible trade unionism is good for all sides, irresponsible trade unionism is dreadful for everybody.
But to do this trade unionism has to change itself, so it works for younger workers.
"The fund, which has been running for 31 years, represents the very best ideals of what trade unionism in the UK stands for - and will continue to do so in these difficult and challenging times."
Labour AM Eluned Morgan said: "Terry was a loyal deputy to the charismatic NUM South Wales president Emlyn Williams and was supportive of a very different kind of trade unionism than that represented by Scargill.
"This commitment comes from the confidence of the UGTT in the union skills of women who have shown their ability in leadership positions," said Taboubi at a scientific conference on women and trade unionism, organised at the headquarters of the UGTT.
SUPERMARKET giant Lidl got a taste of British trade unionism in a High Court defeat at the hands of 223 warehouse workers at one of its distribution centres in Wales.
"The experience of the Civil War and Reconstruction," Lause writes, "shaped the idea of an acceptably respectable and responsible labor organization, which became the cornerstone of modern American trade unionism." (157-158).

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