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The Canadian traders, for a long time, had troublesome competitors in the British merchants of New York, who inveigled the Indian hunters and the coureurs des bois to their posts, and traded with them on more favorable terms.
Yet TransFair, roasters say, has based well-funded public relations campaigns on the idea that only FairTrade coffees are traded on a transparent, abuse-free basis.
The Act sets new duties of disclosure and governance, which now require publicly traded companies to identify, protect, set a value on and report trade secrets as a class of assets.
Nexa Technologies' Tick Data division, provider of valueadded historical intraday financial data, and Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) have unveiled ready-to-use trade and quote data for equities traded on TSX.
Some estimates indicate that [approximately equal to] 40,000 live primates, 4 million live birds, 640,000 live reptiles, and 350 million live tropical fish are traded globally each year (1).
traded $62.1 billion with the region in 2002, in comparison to $176.2 billion for the European Union.
In particular, the market seems to have forgotten that the last time emerging market debt traded at today's lofty levels was in March 1998, on the very eve of the infamous August 1998 Russian debt crisis.
That's when Central American negotiators noticed it did not include some products currently traded tariff-free under bilateral trade pacts, such as the 1984 Caribbean Basin Initiative and the U.S.