traffic court

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traffic court

(Law) law a magistrates' court dealing with traffic offences

traf′fic court`

a court that passes on alleged violations of traffic laws.
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Noun1.traffic court - a court that has power to prosecute for traffic offensestraffic court - a court that has power to prosecute for traffic offenses
court, judicature, tribunal - an assembly (including one or more judges) to conduct judicial business
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
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Al Dhafra Traffic Court heard the case of an Emirati student accused of driving a car without a licence.
The 34-year-old Bahraini, who has racked up a total of 83 traffic violations, was sentenced by the Traffic Court on January 30.
During the one-year lease, the city evaluated whether the classroom building could be a site for traffic court hearings.
Meanwhile in Little Rock Traffic Court on June 8, Rogers paid $575 and pleaded guilty to driving on a suspended license and failing to appear at a May 4 hearing.
New revenue limits imposed by the state General Assembly and Governor Jay Nixon cut local government's share of traffic court fines from the previous 30 percent to 12.
Al Felasi said: "He objected against the fines and we transferred him to Dubai Traffic Court for a decision and the judge cut the amount to Dhs90,000.
The Florida Bar's Traffic Court Rules Committee has submitted to the Florida Supreme Court a regular-cycle report proposing amendments to the Florida Rules of Traffic Court.
Louis had its roots in an unlikely place -- traffic court.
The new Santa Barbara Criminal Courthouse will increase efficiency and security by consolidating all criminal and traffic court operations in one modern, secure building for the south district.
Dubai: Dubai Traffic Public Prosecution (TPP) has launched a new e-service enabling convicts, who are fined by the traffic court, to pay their fines via smart phones.
The San Diego traffic court threw out a citation against Cecilia Abadie, with commissioner John Blair ruling she was not guilty because the offence for which was ticketed requires proof that the device was in use.
Mr Green said: "By having a designated traffic court, you can get through cases much faster from the offence being committed to the appropriate punishment being handed out.

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