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Tragic: "You take too tragical a view of matters" (John Fowles)."He assumes a sudden look of tragical sobriety" (Scott Turow).

trag′i·cal·ly adv.
trag′i·cal·ness n.


the quality or state of being tragic
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The category of the tragic as a profound concept of this aesthetics comprises much more than the structure of distorting contents and paroxistic tensions, in the sense that it is a Nietzschean tragicalness of the cultural withdrawal and of unveiling the difference as a phantasmagoric control, as a game of reflexions or simulacrum.
If the poem under review cannot be considered a tragedy in his dramatic oneness, because there is a lack of the presence of the action (the plot), where would its tragicalness lie?
In so doing, the fates of mainland Chinese, overseas Chinese, and even non-Chinese are bound together to show the universality of tragicalness. But then, during his one-year pilgrimage to the communist base in Subei [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (northern Jiangsu), his homesick, revolutionary fancy for China is shattered by the everyday problem of taking showers, the language barrier, as well as the area's desolate saline-alkali land--in short, the heaviness of reality on the central continent contrary to the lightness of his fantasy from the Pacific periphery.