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n. pl. trag·i·com·e·dies
1. A work of fiction, as a play, film, or novel, combining elements of tragedy and comedy.
2. The genre made up of such works.
3. An incident or situation having both comic and tragic elements.

[French tragicomédie, from Italian tragicommedia, from Late Latin tragicōmoedia, short for Latin tragicocōmoedia : tragicus, tragic; see tragic + cōmoedia, comedy; see comedy.]

trag′i·com′ic (-kŏm′ĭk), trag′i·com′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.
trag′i·com′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.tragicomical - manifesting both tragic and comic aspectstragicomical - manifesting both tragic and comic aspects; "the tragicomic disparity...between's man's aspirations and his accomplishments"- B.R.Redman
sad - experiencing or showing sorrow or unhappiness; "feeling sad because his dog had died"; "Better by far that you should forget and smile / Than that you should remember and be sad"- Christina Rossetti
2.tragicomical - having pathetic as well as ludicrous characteristicstragicomical - having pathetic as well as ludicrous characteristics; "her life...presented itself to me as a tragicomical adventure"--Joseph Conrad
humorous, humourous - full of or characterized by humor; "humorous stories"; "humorous cartoons"; "in a humorous vein"
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This is tragic and comical; in short tragicomical! You laugh at the foolishness of management while you feel pain for the passenger who must suffer to get the services from such a non-caring airline.
"It is tragicomical that they expect me to be part of war preparations against people of my own country," says Silay.
In a statement issued to the TribuneOnline in Kaduna on Monday and signed by his spokesman, Muktar Zubairu Sirajo noted 'Nigerians woke up to yet another tragicomical drama, this time around playing out in Benue State.
It's quite ironical and tragicomical too that some human countries who're branded as anti-God and heretics helped themselves and helped Iran in economic trade and commercial exchanges, and non-Muslim populations also maintained their ties with Iran within their own possibilities mutual benefits.
Establishing a direct relationship between the sublime and the tragic, Nietzsche continues, these tragicomical plays "were plunged into the sea of the sublime and the comical; they cease to be only 'beautiful'; they absorbed, as it were, the older order of gods and their sublimity" (36).
Mario Augurio, like the Pirandellian character Rosario Chiarchiaro, is known as the bearer of ill luck and for this reason he can no longer find work; he is a social outcast; he is a tragicomical character and whenever he encounters people they even make superstitious gestures to avert the ill luck he bears.
A comparison of the first and the eighth character's profiles already reveals an important source of narrativity and tragicomical potential in House Mother Normal (see Fig.
The last sequence is surrealist and tragicomical at the same time.
Entitled "Tragicomical," Guerrero employs his visual expertise to display his most recent contemplations on society.