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Noun1.trail boss - the person responsible for driving a herd of cattletrail boss - the person responsible for driving a herd of cattle
supervisor - one who supervises or has charge and direction of
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Perhaps the best way to think of Trail Boss is as a powder so bulky it's unlikely a double charge wouldn't overflow the case.
The answer has turned out to be Hodgdon's Trail Boss powder.
Trail Boss really does look very different from the powders we're used to.
The latest IMR Reloader's Guide is just out and has complete data for cowboy loads in all the handgun calibers normally used and there is also Trail Boss data for some of the popular rifle calibers used in cowboy stuff.
8 grains of Hodgdon's HP38 (But am working with the new MRI Trail Boss powder, which may be the perfect propellant for black powder-type pistol cartridges) with just about any .
After loading the Barnes Bullets, I decided to load some more cast bullets with Trail Boss powder.
Since the advent of IMR's Trail Boss powder I've used it almost exclusively for this round with a charge of 6.
One powder company, IMR, which is now owned by Hodgdon's, began working to come up with a powder which would allow lighter than normal safe loads with no possibility of double charging a case It took six years of experimenting and the result, introduced in 2005, is Trail Boss powder, a powder specifically designed for low velocity lead bullet loads for practice, fun shooting, and Cowboy Action Shooting.
3 grains of Trail Boss registered 700 fps and grouped in 3/4" and is definitely a load which can be shot all day long.
I have an old Lyman 450 sizer) I would also like to try Trail Boss powder in the Jet.
Neither Mike or I are familiar with Trail Boss loadings for .