trail head

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Noun1.trail head - the beginning of a trailtrail head - the beginning of a trail    
origin, source, root, rootage, beginning - the place where something begins, where it springs into being; "the Italian beginning of the Renaissance"; "Jupiter was the origin of the radiation"; "Pittsburgh is the source of the Ohio River"; "communism's Russian root"
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Request for qualifications: the required components of the project include but are not limited to: trail design, two prefabricated pedestrian / bicycle bridges, required bridge supports, landscaping, erosion and sediment control, trail signage, modification of roadways at trail head connections, stream bank restoration, hazardous soil mitigation, geotechnical investigation, hydraulic and hydrology analysis and utility relocation and coordination.
Jennifer runs the East Coast Adventure company in Co Down with her husband Mark and the pair opened their trail head services with the launch of the Rostrevor Mountain Bike Trails in their home town three years ago.
5 miles from the trail head at Woodland Valley Campground, they realized a female member of their party was missing.
Easiest way to the trail head is by reaching village Kalinger from the junction of Agha Shahi Avenue and National Defence University.
At the Everyman, with daily performances until Saturday, January 23 Family Trail Head to the Atkinson, in Southport, and enjoy their free family trails, which are designed to help visitors of all ages have fun while exploring The Atkinson, on Lord Street.
I noticed five unmarked vehicles with their lights on and moving really fast, and that's something I haven't seen up here yet," Healey said, adding that the police vehicles subsequently turned off the highway onto a trail head near Lake Titus.
Sturbridge Boy Scout Chris Sutter has taken a major step toward earning the rank of Eagle Scout by completing his required service project, making upgrades and repairs to the Quinebaug River water trail and Like Siog Pass hiking trail head parking lot located at 20 Pond Bridge Road in Holland.
The Glen Morris Lions Club wants the county to pay for a seasonal portable toilet at the rail trail head parking lot on Forbes Street this year.
But information about each trail is provided at the trail head so riders know which routes they're best suited to and what they're letting themselves in for.
The City Council is expected to take the first concrete steps tonight toward transforming the historic old Customs House into a combination passenger railroad station, bus station and trail head for bike riders and hikers, as well as a tourist attraction of its own and a museum commemorating the slave escape route called the Underground Railroad.
Lance talked to Shane the entire drive up to the trail head in the famous Chugach Mountains.
I started at the Hermit Gulch Trail Head, which is just below the Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Garden and is part of the Trans-Island Catalina Trail.