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A trailblazer.
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At the time, Fischer was a trailbreaker for the Iron Dog snowmachine race.
4) This report was published in 2008 when the Line 9 reversal formed part of Enbridge's now-shelved Trailbreaker Project, which would have brought dilbit to the East Coast of the United States for export.
In the short time since the new rules took effect, the assessment of Enbridge's Trailbreaker pipeline in Ontario has been thrown out unexpectedly.
It would be complementary to Enbridge's other market initiatives including the Trailbreaker Project, which is planned to offer Gulf Coast access by tanker from Portland, ME by mid-2010; the Southern Access Extension, which is expected to facilitate both heavy and synthetic crude access to Patoka, IL by 2011; and the Texas Access Pipeline, which is positioned to move greater crude oil volumes from Patoka to the Gulf at the time required by the market.
Others in his collection include Silver Streakers, American Clipper, Yankee, Eskimo, Jet, Lightning Guider, Royal Pacer, Shooting Star, Silver Streak, Snow Sport, Torpedo, Snow Sailer, Snow Flake Paris, Speedy, Speed Away, Trailbreaker, Rocket Plane, Olympian, Model Plane and Coast King,
It also, of course, involved the older composers Josef Bohuslav Foerster (1859-1951), who joined the movement in a rather more traditionalist spirit, and Leos Janacek (1854-1928), who at a late age (essentially not until after 1916) surprisingly became a trailbreaker in 20th-century Czech music.