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A trailblazer.
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Keith Sher, team captain of "Losers Do Win," is participating with his wife Kathy, and both just completed the Trailbreaker Half Marathon in Wisconsin.
At the time, Fischer was a trailbreaker for the Iron Dog snowmachine race.
(4) This report was published in 2008 when the Line 9 reversal formed part of Enbridge's now-shelved Trailbreaker Project, which would have brought dilbit to the East Coast of the United States for export.
In the past, Enbridge has talked of its plans to pipe dilbit to the Atlantic Coast for export via the now scrapped "Trailbreaker" project, and this seems to be the evident purpose of the Line g reversal.
In the short time since the new rules took effect, the assessment of Enbridge's Trailbreaker pipeline in Ontario has been thrown out unexpectedly.
This year's program will feature interactive white boarding sessions, a "Trailbreaker Innovators" panel and the all-new "Start-up Speed Dating" session, matching up venture capital professionals with early stage start-up company attendees.