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(For that reason, among many others, some mobile home owners have been forming trailer park co-ops, thus cutting the landlord out of the picture.) Other times, though, local governments are behind the move, encouraging redevelopment for any or all of the reasons cited by Brand.
On the Internet, a prominent manufacturer and supplier of T-shirts is selling a "Home Skool" item featuring the imprint of a cheap mobile-home trailer accompanied by the inscription "Home Skooled." The obvious message, as noted by syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin, is that home schoolers are "ill-informed trailer park trash flies." The company's fare also includes "tees" glamorizing Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Marilyn Manson, and Harry Potter; one imprinted "Satan Inside"; and two that proclaim "MasterPimp" (a vulgar parody of MasterCard) and "Pimpology."
(He even opened for David Bowie and the B-52's!) Lopez also performs with his punk band the Zeros and his bluegrass band the Trailer Park Casanovas, but El Vez has provided him with both a life of adventure (he recently flew to Paris to sing at the famous Le Mans speedway) and an outlet for his political views.
Most of the victims were from a sprawling trailer park just south of Tuscaloosa.
Akinwunmi Ambode, the state government also resolved to accelerate and complete work on the Bola Ahmed Tinubu Trailer Park in Orile within the next one month.
According to Dan Yorgason, the tornado caused severe damage to the nearby trailer park that it directly hit.
Check out Eugene Storefront Art Project's Trailer Park Art Sale from 6 p.m.
AUBURN - Fire destroyed a home in a Washington Street trailer park yesterday morning.
Which was interpreted as "a tart waiting in her Hoboken trailer park for the call to go out on the game".
The two-time Academy Award winner spent her childhood in a humble trailer park in Washington.
CHEEKY thieves are in hot water - for they have stolen pounds 35,000-worth of SpongeBob SquarePants hot water bottles from a Midland trailer park.