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1. A nonmotorized vehicle designed to be pulled behind a motor vehicle, especially:
a. A large transport vehicle designed to be hauled by a truck or tractor.
b. A furnished vehicle drawn by a truck or automobile and used when parked as a dwelling or office.
a. A short filmed advertisement for a movie; a preview.
b. A short, blank strip of film at the end of a reel.
v. trail·ered, trail·er·ing, trail·ers
To transport by a trailer: trailered the boat to the beach.
To travel or live in a trailer.

trail′er·a·ble adj.
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capable of being transported by a trailer
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Widely known as the first unmanned, off-road & wirelessly remote controlled Slinger, the AT7 packs big "slinging" power in a trailerable size.
And, it's easy to fish from a trailerable boat or one of the area's many charter services.
Throughout its history, the San Francisco Rolex Big Boat Series has showcased the top end of the sport and this year's fleet featured everything from a 70-foot trimaran to a bevy of trailerable sportboats.
The long-term goal of the research work is to develop a technology compatible with carbon dioxide capture systems installed at facilities such as thermal power stations and factories, utilising carbon dioxide to provide stockable and trailerable energy.
The 215LR sport deck is an ideal choice for the boater that wants lots of boat in an easily trailerable package.
Pettit Marine Paint has introduced Vivid Antifouling, which remains effective after repeated launching and hauling, making it ideal for trailerable or rack-stored boats.
"In an application for the 2000 Lake and Pond Grant from the state Department of Environmental Management Lakes and Ponds Program, James Nedved, in his capacity as chairman of the South Meadow Pond Wildlife Association, claimed there was public access for activities that require trailerable access, such as water skiing, jet skiing, boating and fishing, but that there was no existing state facility," Kane said.
But never before, Pate says, has the Eugene boat show featured anything quite like the Nomad 25-foot Trailerable Houseboat, which offers "all the amenities of home" on the water, or in the RV park.
They ate expected to provide a shallow water and trailerable capability that is not available from the test of the shore-based response boat system.