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A synthetic analgesic, C16H25NO2, used in its hydrochloride form to treat moderate to moderately severe pain. It is structurally similar to codeine and has both opioid and nonopioid effects.

[tram-, of unknown origin + -adol, mixed opiate agonist/antagonist suffix.]


n tramadol m
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A Consultant Pharmacist, Dr Clever Okeke has warned that the use of Tramadol to get high or for delayed ejaculation could lead to depression and irrational behaviour.
Daniel Richardson, aged 31, had nearly nine times the recommended level of Tramadol in his system.
An inquest heard it was not known from where he had got Tramadol as it had not been prescribed by his GP.
By: Nourhan Magdi CAIRO - 4 September 2017: Even with the price of the powerful painkiller skyrocketing to around LE 30 for a single pill, Ali still finds it difficult to quit using Tramadol while he is driving his truck.
Objective: To assess the effect of intrathecal tramadol added to bupivacaine to prolong the duration of analgesia in subarachnoid block for lower limb orthopedic surgeries.
Summary: An Asian man was caught with Tramadol pills
Dubai: A student has been jailed for three months for smuggling and possessing 4,000 tramadol pills that he was caught with at the Dubai International Airport.
The patent application describes and claims a dosing regimen of intravenous (IV) 50 mg tramadol that provides certain pharmacokinetic parameters that are similar to those of 100 mg tramadol HCI administered orally every 6 hours at steady state.
The 37 million tramadol pills, worth USD 75 million, were found packed into three containers at the port of Genoa, labelled as blankets and shampoo and set to be loaded on a freighter bound for Misrata and Tobruk in Libya, The Times reported.
In this study, we compared postoperative somatic wound pain control between patients receiving tramadol and bupivacaine, infiltrated at the wound site.