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1. Chiefly British A streetcar.
2. A wagon or car used on a tramway in a mine, as to carry coal or ore .
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Noun1.tramcar - a four-wheeled wagon that runs on tracks in a minetramcar - a four-wheeled wagon that runs on tracks in a mine; "a tramcar carries coal out of a coal mine"
waggon, wagon - any of various kinds of wheeled vehicles drawn by an animal or a tractor
2.tramcar - a wheeled vehicle that runs on rails and is propelled by electricitytramcar - a wheeled vehicle that runs on rails and is propelled by electricity
horsecar - an early form of streetcar that was drawn by horses
self-propelled vehicle - a wheeled vehicle that carries in itself a means of propulsion
trolley line - a transit line using streetcars or trolley buses
Britain, Great Britain, U.K., UK, United Kingdom, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles; divided into England and Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland; `Great Britain' is often used loosely to refer to the United Kingdom
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After drinking some hot coffee, like an Arctic explorer setting off on a sledge journey towards the North Pole, I would go ashore and roll shivering in a tramcar into the very heart of the town, past clean-faced houses, past thousands of brass knockers upon a thousand painted doors glimmering behind rows of trees of the pavement species, leafless, gaunt, seemingly dead for ever.
From afar at the end of Tsar Peter Straat, issued in the frosty air the tinkle of bells of the horse tramcars, appearing and disappearing in the opening between the buildings, like little toy carriages harnessed with toy horses and played with by people that appeared no bigger than children.
Notwithstanding the little iron stove, the ink froze on the swing- table in the cabin, and I found it more convenient to go ashore stumbling over the arctic waste-land and shivering in glazed tramcars in order to write my evening letter to my owners in a gorgeous cafe in the centre of the town.
Where was the clang of tramcar gongs, the screech of motor horns, the vast murmur of a dense throng?
The tramcar became entangled in their ranks, and moved on painfully, like a caterpillar in a swarm of ants.
I helped these ladies into the tramcar and they asked me to call in the afternoon.
I suggested that he had better take the next city- ward tramcar.
1917 : The Examiner reported on an 'alarming' tramway accident on the Ainleys when the West Vale tramcar crashed into horse and waggon laden with iron girders.
Ascend two-and-one-half miles to a pristine wilderness aboard the world's largest rotating tramcar.
com Canal in Davies's book, saying: "One of my earliest memories of Walsall is of a view from the balcony of a corporation tramcar, as it rose over the steep hump of a narrow canal bridge en route to Bloxwich.
At the bottom of Ivy Road a garage, Gee Sykes and Cook in what was formerly a tramcar shed.
Seven more were injured when a tramcar collided with two cars at an intersection with Al-Nozha Street.