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Noun1.Tramontana - a cold dry wind that blows south out of the mountains into Italy and the western Mediterraneantramontana - a cold dry wind that blows south out of the mountains into Italy and the western Mediterranean
boreas, north wind, norther, northerly - a wind that blows from the north
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Owing, however, to the Tramontana rising a little, and the sea growing somewhat rough, it was impossible for us to keep a straight course for Majorca, and we were compelled to coast in the direction of Oran, not without great uneasiness on our part lest we should be observed from the town of Shershel, which lies on that coast, not more than sixty miles from Algiers.
Wearable Absorbent Article: Joshua Daniel Carney, Goteborg, Sweden; Yossef Schvetz, Milan, Italy; Serdar Ozsumer, Milan, Italy; Manuel Tramontana, Milan, Italy; and Alessandro Locati, Milan, Italy.
Apenas se le oia, la tramontana soplaba con fuerza y sacaba brillo al cielo.
I first heard James Dargan in a vocal quintet, Tramontana, several summers ago, and was awestruck by the plangent beauty of his voice.
Tramontana, "Three-dimensional discrete-time Lotka-Volterra models with an application to industrial clusters," Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, vol.
A punch thrown in a tackle by Italy rake Joe Tramontana, caused tensions to spill out over the sideline.