trample down

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w>trample down

vt sepheruntertreten, niedertreten
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If my happiness stands in his way--and if he can do it with impunity to himself--he will trample down my happiness.
Either they respect or they fear me, which is more likely, but they let me trample down the clover with my dogs, insult and obstruct every one, and I come back still more weary and low-spirited, that's all.
India can not trample down the democratic right of Kashmiris for plebiscite through tyrannies and atrocities.
This spiritual potentiality convinced the Iranian youth that they can trample down all the hurdles in the way of their revolution.
Cover the entire area with the mix to a depth of 75mm, level it out with a shovel and then tamp down using a length of timber or trample down with your boots.
Those who trample down and make a mockery of the DPRK's dignity can never go scot-free."
The feet that trample down your cities, where does he get them if they are not your own?
Iliving in the U S-dominated neo- imperialist world of today does seem, at times, akin to living in the heart of darkness where, on one hand, the weaker, economically fragile countries cannot help stumbling and groping for their way out of the quagmire of multifarious problems while, on the other hand, the one which happens to be the so-called sole hegemonic power, blinded by its narcissist megalomania, seems ready to trample down sovereignty of all other countries sometimes under the guise of pre-emptive attacks, and sometimes under thegarbof humanitarian intervention - both of these being mere equivocations attempting to legitimizetheir otherwise unlawful intrusive foreign policy measures.
Then, as he stopped to trample down some undergrowth: "You don't know our secret path."