trample on

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w>trample on

vi +prep objherumtreten auf (+dat); several children were trampled onmehrere Kinder wurden getreten; to trample on somebody (fig)jdn herumschikanieren; to trample on somebody’s feelings (fig)auf jds Gefühlen herumtrampeln, jds Gefühle mit Füßen treten
References in classic literature ?
Aye, lighting from the boat to the deck, thus I trample on thee, thou paltry thing that feebly pointest on high; thus I split and destroy thee
Art thou come, by chance, cruel basilisk of these mountains, to see if in thy presence blood will flow from the wounds of this wretched being thy cruelty has robbed of life; or is it to exult over the cruel work of thy humours that thou art come; or like another pitiless Nero to look down from that height upon the ruin of his Rome in embers; or in thy arrogance to trample on this ill-fated corpse, as the ungrateful daughter trampled on her father Tarquin's?
With that advantage, Sophronia flattered her and rallied her more successfully, and then the insinuating Alfred flattered her and rallied her, and promised that at any moment when she might require that service at his hands, he would take young Fledgeby out and trample on him.