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Wildlife officials have tranquilised the big cat in a fourth attempt and got it unconscious shortly.
Our staff responded quickly and Kumbuka was tranquilised and returned to his den, where I can happily report he is sitting up and awake.
Zoo Quest (1954-1963) In his first major documentary, he and staff from London Zoo head to tropical lands to capture new animals A Blank on the Map (1971) In an unexplored region of New Guinea he meets the Biami, who never had contact with the outside world Life on Earth (1979) Meeting gorillas of the Rwandan jungle in one of the most famous scenes in any natural history documentary Frozen Planet (2011) Sir David sits in the snow next to a tranquilised polar bear in this breathtaking scene with the terrifying animal Attenborough's Paradise Birds (2015) One of his life-long passions has been the study of birds of paradise from across the globe
HUNDREDS of vulnerable people with severe learning difficulties are being routinely tranquilised, restrained and kept in isolation, according to a new report.
KATIE SUMMERHAYES was 'gutted' after missing out on a ski slopestyle medal and cross country skier Andrew Musgrave claimed he had skied 'liked a tranquilised badger' despite making British history.
Sadulpur (Rajasthan), April 13 ( ANI ): Forest officials successfully tranquilised and captured a leopard that had strayed into a village in Sadulpur in Rajasthan.
The bear, thought to be around 1 and a half years old, was then tranquilised and taken out of the store.
Summary: A bear cub, tranquilised after wandering into a residential area in California, has been released into the Angeles National Forest.
The beast is tranquilised ahead of its release at Sutton Park