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or tran·quil·li·ty  (trăng-kwĭl′ĭ-tē, trăn-)
The quality or state of being tranquil; serenity.
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Noun1.tranquility - a disposition free from stress or emotiontranquility - a disposition free from stress or emotion
calm, calmness, composure, equanimity - steadiness of mind under stress; "he accepted their problems with composure and she with equanimity"
ataraxia - peace of mind
2.tranquility - an untroubled statetranquility - an untroubled state; free from disturbances
order - established customary state (especially of society); "order ruled in the streets"; "law and order"
3.tranquility - a state of peace and quiettranquility - a state of peace and quiet    
calmness - a feeling of calm; an absence of agitation or excitement
peace of mind, ataraxis, peacefulness, repose, serenity, peace, heartsease - the absence of mental stress or anxiety
easiness, relaxation - a feeling of refreshing tranquility and an absence of tension or worry; "the easiness we feel when sleeping"
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or tranquility
2. Lack of emotional agitation:
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n. tranquilidad, descanso.
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Satisfied on these great points and with tranquility everywhere, I too should have had my Congress and my Holy Alliance.
The four railways from Philadelphia and Washington, Harrisburg and Wheeling, which converge at Baltimore, whirled away the heterogeneous population to the four corners of the United States, and the city subsided into comparative tranquility.
Undoubtedly, then, a certain feeling of tranquility does obtain when a commercial order provides security and freedom.
Plus, don't miss Paul Delplanque's Remember When page on a Tuesday and his blog dedicated entirely to nostalgic memories of Teesside at TRANQUILITY UNDER THREAT?
The astronaut stepped out in the Sea of Tranquility at 02.56 GMT, nearly 20 minutes after first opening the hatch on the Eagle landing craft.
Newcastle University's Landscape Research Group and Northumbria University's Centre for Environmental and Spatial Analysis and Participatory Evaluation and Appraisal, worked together to develop the tranquility measure.
Retired postie Alistair Baranowski has installed himself as the gun-toting boss of frontier town Tranquility.
Tranquility's patented Peach Mat Construction provides high-capacity absorbency that preserves skin integrity, while providing odor control and ensuring dryness.
HAPPYANUNOIT made a successful return when winning the Grade 1 Gamely Breeders' Cup Handicap at Hollywood Park on Saturday, getting the better of even-money favourite Tranquility Lake in the last few strides.
The Galapagos Islands are a wonderful place for green journeys (see "Putting the `Eco' in Ecotourism," January/February 2000), but their tranquility is increasingly disturbed by oil spills and dramatic confrontation over sustainable fishing levels.
NEW YORK-Blending years of French tradition with the hipness of young consumers, Baccarat unveiled Tranquility, its crystal beverageware and giftware collection, created by American designer Barbara Barry.
To grow up, Ortega writes, is to enter one's own space of "tranquility," a space that "permits one to choose the truth, to abstract oneself in reflection."[4] It involves gaining what for Ortega is man's "most essential attribute": "the possibility of meditating, or withdrawing into himself to come to terms with himself and define what it is that he believes and what it is that he does not believe; what he truly esteems and what he truly detests."[5] The adolescent, by contrast, is always "beside himself," acting "mechanically in a frenetic somnambulism."[6]