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 (trăns-ăk′tə-vāt′, trănz-)
tr.v. trans·ac·ti·vat·ed, trans·ac·ti·vat·ing, trans·ac·ti·vates
To stimulate the transcription of (a gene in a host cell) by binding to DNA. Genes can be transactivated naturally by a virus or cellular protein or artificially by the insertion of a transactivator gene and segment of DNA into a cell.

trans′ac·ti·va′tion n.
trans·ac′ti·va′tor n.
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Hypoxic adaptation engages the CBP/CREST-induced coactivator complex of Creb-HIF-1a in transactivating murine neuroblastic glucose transporter.
Different prevalence of transactivating (TA) p63 and nonTAp63 isoforms in pulmonary adenocarcinomas: a useful diagnostic tool.
p63, a p53-homologue nuclear transcription factor that is located on 3q27-29 and encodes six different isoforms, which harbor either transactivating or negative dominant effects on p53 reporter genes/891 It plays a critical role in the growth and development of many epithelial organs and is confined to basal cells of squamous epithelia (including epidermis and hair follicles) and urothelium, as well as basal cells/ myoepithelial cells in breast, sweat glands, salivary glands, and prostate.
The NF-[kappa]B dimer translocated to the nuclei (p50/p50) in pinealocytes has no transactivating domain (TAD) and impairs Aanat transcription [40].
6,7) In addition, increased viral expression, particularly of the transactivating viral gene encoding HTLV-1 Tax protein, has also been hypothesized to play a role on the HTLV-1 disease progression.
However, during a stress response from its P53 gene to any damage, recent findings suggest that P53 induces apoptosis by transactivating expression of the BAX gene mRNA to increase BAX protein and simultaneously inhibit the function of Bcl-2.
Pyogenes, the platform comprises the three components required for gene editing in mammalian cells: a plasmid encoding Cas9 nuclease, a chemically synthesized transactivating RNA (tracRNA) and a custom CRISPR RNA (crRNA) designed to target the site of interest.
PCR results for detection of BLV in breast tissue samples from 6 women * Sample Sample Patient BLV genome regions code pathology age, y L-PCR IS- PCR LTR gag pol env tax tax 143 Malignant 63 - - - - - - 0253 Malignant 47 + - - - + + 010 Malignant 48 + - - - + + 236 Nonmalignant 54 + + - + + + 23803 Nonmalignant 50 + + - + + + 20874 Nonmalignant 53 + + + + + + * BLV, bovine leukemia virus; L-PCR, nested liquid-phase PCR; IS-PCR, nested in situ PCR; LTR, long terminal repeat (promoter region); gag, group-specific antigen (capsid region); pol, polymerase (reverse transcription); env, envelope; tax, transactivating region of the X gene.
PAX6 gene has 14 exons and is located in the short arm of chromosome 11 (11p13), codifying a transcriptional regulator with two DNA binding places (paired domain and homeodomain) and a transcriptional transactivating domain [3, 6].
The TRb transactivating activity is considered ligand-dependent and is repressed in absence of T3 (Liu et al.
snoRNAs represent one of the largest groups of functionally diverse transactivating ncRNAs found in mammalian cells.
1999) Demonstration that orf2 encodes the feline immunodeficiency virus transactivating (Tat) proteina and characterization of a unique gene product with parcial rev activity.
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