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 (trăn-săkt′, -zăkt′)
v. trans·act·ed, trans·act·ing, trans·acts
To do, carry on, or conduct: transact business over the phone; transacting trade agreements.
To conduct business: transacting with foreign leaders.

[Latin trānsigere, trānsāct- : trāns-, trans- + agere, to drive, do; see ag- in Indo-European roots.]

trans·ac′tor n.
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Noun1.transactor - someone who conducts or carries on business or negotiationstransactor - someone who conducts or carries on business or negotiations
businessman, man of affairs - a person engaged in commercial or industrial business (especially an owner or executive)
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The assignment includes the formal verification of the functional requirement specification of the APS components Safety Logic, Object Aggregation and Movement Authority Transactor. This includes the following tasks:1) Identification and formalization of functional requirements based on a system description, which is currently developed at SBB internally.2) Formalization of the requirements identified in a)3) Formal verification of the system specifications using model checking based on a model being developed by SBB internally in Matlab/Simulink4) Automatic generation of test cases5) Documentation of all activities: formalised requirements, environment requirements, engineering rules, tracking of changes, results of the formal proofsThe estimated workload is 4 FTE/year.
Kahn and Roberds (2009) emphasize the importance of the distinction between arrangements that connect a transaction with the transactor's identity and those that leave it anonymous.
Steven Halkett and Keith Ainsworth advised the shareholders of insurtech company Transactor on its PS40m sale to a private equity portfolio company, which necessitated Competition and Markets Authority approval.
Then he moved to be a transactor at Samba Financial Group between 1999 and 2004.
Former Transactor boss Ray Vincent has been appointed to the position.
Siyanda Mflathelwa, an RMB transactor for infrastructure finance, said: "The projects are structured in such a way that you obviously have a complex financial model that forecasts what the revenue line will be...
The UK Competition and Markets Authority has has decided not to refer UK-based insurance software firm Open International Ltd.'s acquisition of rival Transactor Global Solutions Ltd.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 27, 2017-UK Competition and Markets Authority Clears Open GI- Transactor Tie-Up
Additionally, the firm has hired Matthew McKenzie as an Investment Finance Generalist Transactor for the Western Region.
Winchester, United Kingdom, October 04, 2016 --( Over the past few years insurance software provider Transactor Global Solutions Limited (TGSL) has perfected a range of comprehensive data migrations from most industry platforms including Electra (SSP), Pure (SSP), and CDL (Classic).
For prospective borrowers who exhibit transactor behavior (consumers who pay off their revolving debt monthly), trended credit data increases the likelihood of them being approved for a mortgage as they statistically pose a lower risk to lenders.
necessarily reflect the ultimate foreign transactor. For instance: U.S.