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1. Philosophy
a. Concerned with the a priori or intuitive basis of knowledge as independent of experience.
b. Asserting a fundamental irrationality or supernatural element in experience.
2. Surpassing all others; superior.
3. Beyond common thought or experience; mystical or supernatural.
4. Mathematics Of or relating to a real or complex number that is not the root of any polynomial that has positive degree and rational coefficients.

tran′scen·den′tal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.transcendentally - in a transcendental way or to a transcendental extenttranscendentally - in a transcendental way or to a transcendental extent
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Wait here, till I take my place by the stile, so that I may see whether you go over it handsomely, and transcendentally, and don't omit any flourishes of the pigeon-wing.
For values are always and already transcendentally presupposed by, and prior to, any empirical science.
It represented, Asbury suggested, the return of the repressed carnality locally absent from the universal, transcendentally beautiful architecture of the city.
Classical J li t i Berlioz London Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, Guildhall Singers and soloists / Gergiev / Halsey Berlioz's Romeo and Juliet is a sometimes awkward amalgam of symphony and cantata which is illuminated by episodes of transcendentally beautiful music.
2) With the passage of time, it had come to encompass those who feel lost in post-socialist times, and who are also referred to pejoratively as 'transitional losers', those 'who have no future and who thus existentially and transcendentally reach for lost history' (3) How, then, did it come to pass that this exhibition on everyday Yugoslav life was so unusually popular?
The song has been claimed as an anthem by Jewish groups with a variety of different goals, but it remains transcendentally popular in Israel.
At the afterparty, a DJ spun beats while perfectly aged cheeses and air-flown French oysters, including some transcendentally plump Tsarkaya, joined David Thompson's crab curry and booths serving grilled wagyu and a seemingly endless flow of Robert Mondavi wines.
And just because only Jesus can show us the kingdom, Hart says in the previous essay that "phenomenology allows us to recognize that one vital element of the creed, the incarnation of God, is transcendentally supposed by Jesus's relating of a parable of the Kingdom.
At the end of the Inferno, following Virgil, Dante's pilgrim climbs down the hairy, ice-locked thighs of Satan back up onto the slopes of purgatory and ultimately, boringly, and transcendentally, on to paradise.
In Bramble's universe, though, plot is secondary to incident, with event and circumstance trumping any meaningful narrative patterns, and characters generally obscured by the overwhelming presence of the transcendentally omnipotent Bramble himself.
The radical inwardness of Husserl's transcendentally inspired reflection confirms the age-old truth that the way to God is through the self.