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 (trăns-do͞os′, -dyo͞os′, trănz-)
tr.v. trans·duced, trans·duc·ing, trans·duc·es
1. To convert (input energy of one form) into output energy of another form.
2. To transmit (a signal) within a cell or from the exterior of a cell to its interior.
3. To transfer (genetic material or characteristics) from one cell to another. Used of a bacteriophage or plasmid.

[Back-formation from transducer.]
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vb (tr)
1. (Electronics) electronics (of a microphone, electric motor, etc) to cause the conversion of energy from one form into another
2. (Genetics) genetics to cause the transfer by a bacteriophage of genetic material from one bacterium to another
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(trænsˈdus, -ˈdyus, trænz-)

v.t. -duced, -duc•ing.
1. to convert (energy) from one form into another.
2. to cause transduction in.
[1945–50; back formation from transducer or transduction]
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Verb1.transduce - cause transduction (of energy forms)
convert, change over - change from one system to another or to a new plan or policy; "We converted from 220 to 110 Volt"
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Now, the group led by Cristina Pujades has investigated how these boundary cells are able to "sense" the mechanical stimuli and transduce them into specific biological behaviors during zebrafish hindbrain segmentation.
The functional significance of this was explored using an MHC-II-negative orthotopic model cell line unlikely to induce expression of MHC-II when treated with interferon-gamma in culture; MHC-class-II transactivator (CIITA), the master regulator of MHC-II, was used to transduce the cells, resulting in cells that were "constitutively 100% class II+."
Lentivirus-containing supernatant was harvested after 48 hours and was used to transduce human [CD34.sup.+] cells.
e-Rubber is a versatile next-generation smart polymer that uses electromechanical transducers to transduce electric energy to or from mechanical movement, according to Toyoda Gosei.
Previous studies have demonstrated the ability of Ad vectors to transduce cochlear hair cells and supporting cells [5-13].
Providing a measurement accuracy of 0.03% in terms of linearity deviation, including hysteresis error, HBM says the latest version of the T40B torque transduce guarantees maximum precision and accuracy.
She said that the nerves in their ears that transduce that sound are the first part of the nervous system.
The virus containing medium was harvested and used to transduce NIH-3T3 cells as described.
* PT449 direct-cavity pressure transduce mounts flush within the cavity and measures pressures up to 20,000 psi and 600 F melt temperatures.
At a basic biological level, information coded in plant genes 'instructs' them to capture, transduce, store, and utilize the photon energy from the sun to produce work.