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Introduction of a segment of DNA or RNA into a eukaryotic cell by means of one of a variety of physical or chemical methods or through viral infection.

trans·fect′ v.


(Genetics) the transfer into another cell of genetic material isolated from a cell or virus


(trænsˈfɛk ʃən)

the insertion into a bacterial cell of a viral nucleic acid in order to cause the cell to produce the virus.
[1964; trans- + (in) fection]
trans•fect′, v.t.
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There are several possibilities that may explain the potentiation effect of the condensing agent on the transfection activity of liposomes.
Under the terms of this agreement, DNT will supply EMD Biosciences with Priofect transfection reagents based on Priostar proprietary dendrimers for the DNA and siRNA transfection research markets.
Transfection of Gametes: A Method to Generate Transgenic Animals
Further, in collaboration with Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, the company is distributing GenomeONE, a gene transfection kit that uses the HVJ envelop vector, in Japan.
Today, QIAGEN provides a vast range of gene-specific products covering the whole RNAi workflow from transfection to the subsequent qPCR analysis.
There have been no previous reports of somatic gene transfer to the fish brain; therefore, it was necessary to optimize injection and transfection conditions for the adult goldfish (Carassius auratus).
Transient transfection studies with a [beta]-globin promoter and an heterologous reporter gene have shown that promoter mutations can decrease transcription (2) and are then associated with the [beta]-thalassemia phenotype, as illustrated by the -30T [right arrow] A mutation (3).
After some alteration of transfection conditions, colonies did yield a promising high expression (for zeta-crystallin and the glutaminase gene product) cell line, upon which further investigation is being conducted in an effort to characterize the activity of the zeta-crystallin/glutaminase 3' UTR interaction.
They detected beta-globin production in red cells as long as nine months after retroviral transfection.
Low-endotoxin plasmid is ideal for transfection of a wide range of cell lines, as well as less sensitive applications such as in vivo transcription, PCR, cloning and sequencing.
com)-- The global transfection technologies market is estimated to reach USD 800 Million in 2020, growing at a CAGR of 7.