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tr.v. trans·fixed, trans·fix·ing, trans·fix·es
1. To render motionless, as with terror, amazement, or awe: We were transfixed by the beauty of the bird.
2. To pierce or impale with a pointed weapon or object.

[Latin trānsfīgere, trānsfīx- : trāns-, trans- + fīgere, to pierce, fasten; see dhīgw- in Indo-European roots.]

trans·fix′ion (-fĭk′shən) n.


n. transfixión, acto de atravesar y cortar al mismo tiempo los tejidos blandos de dentro hacia afuera así como en la extirpación de tumores o en amputaciones.
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The ring frame supports and stabilizes the underlying bone by means of transfixion wires and half pins.
6 This procedure consisted of transfixion of the hemorrhoidal pile base with two or three stitches under direct vision.
Posteriormente, se suturo mediante un patron de transfixion la porcion de cuerno uterino libre, utilizando material de sutura polifilamento absorbible de poliglactina 910 (Vicryl Plus Antibacteria, Johnson & Johnson) de un calibre adecuado.
Liver transfixion pins were used for the collection of liver tissue samples from the 11th or 12th right intercostal space.
Similarly, his hands have been torn as a result not of erotic intercourse, but of its inverse image: a simultaneously absolute removal from and intervention in humanity through transfixion on the Cross.
Few cases underwent transfixion in surgical ligation and left the RS in bicavitary or latticed type, and the design of six potential planes enhances the effect of PDA occlusion.
and the transfixion of the instant held within itself in its splendor.
8,35) He developed a circular external skeletal fixation system that attached to the bone with tensioned transfixion wires.
The surgical procedure undertaken was transfixion of the offending vessel and appropriate closure of the access enterotomy.