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tr.v. trans·fixed, trans·fix·ing, trans·fix·es
1. To render motionless, as with terror, amazement, or awe: We were transfixed by the beauty of the bird.
2. To pierce or impale with a pointed weapon or object.

[Latin trānsfīgere, trānsfīx- : trāns-, trans- + fīgere, to pierce, fasten; see dhīgw- in Indo-European roots.]

trans·fix′ion (-fĭk′shən) n.
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n. transfixión, acto de atravesar y cortar al mismo tiempo los tejidos blandos de dentro hacia afuera así como en la extirpación de tumores o en amputaciones.
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Robicsek (21) questioned the safety of the Nuss procedure in young children and maintained that the transfixion of the anterior chest wall with rigid metal bars in children might indeed cause the same damage as radical cartilage resection in the Ravitch technique through restricting the growth and expansion of the thoracic cage.
131)--to medieval performance, suggesting in conclusion that 'a consideration of the materiality of early dramatic performance could fruitfully re-orientate itself away from its near transfixion with visual effects and turn up the sound' (p.
Music groups including rock band Transfixion will perform before the match.
Guerrero painted in the transition from religious to secular art, and among his more notable sacred works was 'La Transverberacion de Santo Teresa de Jesus (The Transfixion of St.
The failure of rock is the process of initiation, developing, transfixion, and forming a large-scale fracture of internal microfractures, eventually leading to macrodeformation and failure [12].
Sample designation PK CS2 CS4 CS6 CS8 Recipe for dough Flour Wheat Wheat Wheat Wheat Wheat Chia seeds -- 2% 4% 6% 8% Salt 1.52% Instant yeast 1.02% Water Up to consistency of 350 BU Dough mixing time/mixing speed 4 min/235 rpm 30[degrees]C, RH 75%, 90 min Dough fermentation conditions (transfixion after 60 min) Dough proofing conditions 30[degrees]C, RH 75%, 60 min Baking conditions 230[degrees]C, 30 min * PK, control bread, CS2, CS4, CS6, and CS8, bread with 2, 4, 6, and 8% of chia seeds, respectively, RH, relative humidity, and BU, Brabender units.
Because of the manipulation of the forearm, which may be required during reduction and plating of the humerus, we chose to avoid fixation of the radius and the possible transfixion of the distal radioulnar joint until after the operation on the humeral shaft was completed.
This significant difference is believed to be due to the transfixion suture on the vessel pedicle used in conventional methods.
The ring frame supports and stabilizes the underlying bone by means of transfixion wires and half pins.