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 (trăns-hyo͞o′məns, trănz-)
Transfer of livestock from one grazing ground to another, as from lowlands to highlands, with the changing of seasons.

[French, from transhumer, to move livestock seasonally, from Spanish trashumar : Latin trāns-, trans- + Latin humus, ground; see dhghem- in Indo-European roots.]

trans·hu′mant adj. & n.


(Agriculture) the seasonal migration of livestock to suitable grazing grounds
[C20: from French, from transhumer to change one's pastures, from Spanish trashumar, from Latin trans- + humus ground]
transˈhumant adj


(trænsˈhyu məns, trænz-; often -ˈyu-)

the seasonal migration of livestock, and the people who tend them, between lowlands and adjacent mountains.
[1900–05; < French, =transhum(er) to shift ground + -ance -ance]
trans•hu′mant, adj.


the seasonal migration of livestock and those who tend livestock between mountain and valley, as practiced in Switzerland. — transhumant, adj.
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n (Agr) → Transhumanz f
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defence groups loosely connected to the anti-balaka against the ex-Slka faction of UPC Union pour la paix en Centrafrique over the control of transhumance routes and natural resources.
One of the outcomes of this process has been the blockage of transhumance routes and loss of grazing land to agricultural expansion and the increased southward movement of pastoralists has led to increased conflict with local communities.
Mireille Gansel's lyrical and evocative Translation as Transhumance, itself beautifully and elegantly translated by Ros Schwartz, is a moving tribute to the art of translation as a kind of humanism, a desire not just to understand another language but to inhabit it, to see it from the inside, not as Other but as being as close to oneself as one's own "native" language.
Tornay (1981) discusses close relations between the Nyangatom and the Toposa, since Nyangatom transhumance occurs in South Sudan, among their friends the Toposa.
Changes in pasture and cow milk compositions during a summer transhumance in the western Italian Alps.
B Le projet du code des collectivites territoriales presente au gouvernement debut 2018 Interroge sur les mecanismes de lutte contre la transhumance politique, le ministre a precise que la Loi organique portant regime electoral "a interdit" ce phenomene et qu'en coordination avec la Haute instance independante de surveillance des elections (HIISE), "cette question sera abordee" dans le Code communal et de wilaya qui [beaucoup moins que]sera sous forme de loi organique unifiee intitulee Loi relative aux collectivites locales".
Results indicate that despite significant increases in production, pasture quality has not deteriorated suggesting the classic transhumance systems used in these areas are sustainable.
The book begins with an overview of the geographical, prehistoric, and historical setting, and gives a theoretical framework defining pastoralism, pastoral nomadism, transhumance, and tribalism.
Chemical and microbial measurements of fermented camel milk ''Gariss" from transhumance and nomadic herds in Sudan.
Translation as Transhumance by Mireille Gansel , translated by Ros Schwartz .
C'est que les partis, de tout bord qu'ils soient, ne jouent pas leur role de production d'idees, de valeurs, de programmes, cultivant, en revanche, une mauvaise image, un deficit de credibilite, un manque d'ideologie definie, une absence d'ethique, trahison et transhumance.
Certaines populations Peul ont totalement suspendu la transhumance, ils ont ete contraints de diversifier leurs activites economiques en pratiquant l'agriculture.