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 (trăn′zē-əns, zhəns, -shəns) also tran·si·en·cy (-zē-ən-sē, -zhən-, -shən-)
The state or quality of being transient.
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transience, transiency

the state or quality of passing with time or being ephemeral or fleeting. — transient, adj.
See also: Time
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Noun1.transiency - an impermanence that suggests the inevitability of ending or dyingtransiency - an impermanence that suggests the inevitability of ending or dying
impermanence, impermanency - the property of not existing for indefinitely long durations
fugaciousness, fugacity - the lack of enduring qualities (used chiefly of plant parts)
ephemerality, ephemeralness, fleetingness - the property of lasting for a very short time
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Bearing in mind that there is a heavy expatriate population, all of which have to be sponsored for residency either through an employer or by a family member, there is a tangible feeling of transiency. Surely some
The school drew from a low to medium socioeconomic area with an increasing transiency. There was a growing population of children with EAL/D backgrounds, including Indigenous and migrant families.
The Deer Hum, like many of their contemporaries, address the turbulence and transiency of expatriate life.
The serious anxiety we experience over our contingency, our finitude, and our transiency may be a more enduring feature of being human than our joy, our laughter, or the way "we make a dwelling in the evening air, in which being there together is enough." (36) Heightening that anxiety today are all the urgent reasons to doubt that the biophysical conditions of life can be maintained on this planet.
Part of Star-C's mission is to improve educational performance by reducing student transiency. It partners with apartments near high-need schools, stabilizing affordable housing communities with a mandate/landlord agreement to keep rents affordable.
Vertigo occurs after specific head movements and has the characteristics of nystagmus, with respect to latency time, fatigability, and transiency. Canalithiasis and cupulolithiasis are the most likely mechanisms underlying BPPV.
Other issues were related to the implementation of specific PCMH elements, such as modifying EHR systems to support PCMH changes, employing team-based care (e.g., instituting huddles and integrating care coordination), adapting the PCMH model to address characteristics of the FQHC patient population (e.g., high transiency, multiple languages, low health literacy, and lack of insurance), and managing specifics of the NCQA recognition application process.
In a world of increasing rapidity and transiency, the military finds itself at the forefront of what some may call a new era of warfare.
It also included transiency and history of the companies.
(11) Among its features are transiency or short-lived experience, ineffable or difficulty rendering events into mental constructs, gnosis or direct somatic awareness outside of mental considerations, objectivity or clarity, and a sense of oneness or awareness that all things are connected.