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or TPA
tissue plasminogen activator


or tPA,

tissue plasminogen activator: an anticlotting enzyme of the blood, produced in quantity by genetic engineering for use in dissolving blood clots.


V. tissue plasminogen activator.
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Once they arrived, they realized that Carbondale is a very transient area, with people constantly coming and going.
It was the main reason why the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1 was listed among the world's worst airports - the run-down transient area where passengers could comfortably stay while waiting for connecting flights or awaiting approval of their entry by the Bureau of Immigration (BI).
She told Week In Week Out: "We're a very transient area. Lots of children coming in, lots of children going, and we put that down to cheaper rental accommodation within the community, which makes it quite difficult sometimes to track children and work with children."
It's a very transient area, and a lot of parents in this neighborhood are worried about their basic (living) needs,'' she said.
In the transient area, it should be noted major immediate oscillations of the electromagnetic torque amplitude and of the machine angular speed.

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