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Adj.1.transistorised - (of an electronic device) equipped with transistorstransistorised - (of an electronic device) equipped with transistors
equipped, equipt - provided or fitted out with what is necessary or useful or appropriate; "a well equipped playground"; "a ship equipped with every mechanical aid to navigation"
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This was to be the first time I ever experienced music performed live; until then I had known only the tinny, transistorised kind.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Transistorised Megaphone Ahuja Make Similar To Model No.
Esteve, " State-of-the art and future trends in transistorised inverters for induction heating applications," in Proceedings of the Fifth IEEE International Caracas Conference on Devices, Circuits and Systems, 2004., vol.
The vehicle features an all-new front suspension set-up with fully adjustable 43mm Showa 'big piston' forks, rear wheel travel is modulated by Honda's familiar Pro-link set-up, Dual-stage electronic fuel Injection with four 40mm Denso throttle bodies and Computer-controlled digital transistorised ignition with 3-D mapping.
For the project, there were available an IBM 650, which was based on vacuum tubes and a drum storage of 2,000 words, and an IBM 7070, which was a transistorised version of the IBM 650, having a magnetic core storage containing 9990 numbers of ten digits each.