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Noun1.transitive verb form - a verb (or verb construction) that requires an object in order to be grammatical
verb - the word class that serves as the predicate of a sentence
doubly transitive verb, doubly transitive verb form - a transitive verb that takes both a direct and an indirect object
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260) that the Hurrian verb ag- appears also in KBo XXXII 13 I 22, where the transitive verb form ag = i = b is given as Hittite sara dair "they took up." The transitive meaning "to take up" might be suited even to a passage in Mittani letter I 87 (ag = os = a), referring to a gift that is taken up to the Sun-god.
Example (19) shows the full range of transitive verb forms, where the first line of each cell contains the nonpast, and the second line the past form.
Except in the subjunctive and imperative orders, Blackfoot transitive verb forms take person prefixes: ni(t)- '1', ki(t)- '2', 0- ~ o(t)- '3', (21) and 0- '1PL.INCL'.