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 (trăn′sĭ-tĭv, -zĭ-)
1. Abbr. trans. or tr. or t. Grammar Expressing an action carried from the subject to the object; requiring a direct object to complete meaning. Used of a verb or verb construction.
2. Characterized by or involving transition.
3. Logic & Mathematics Of or relating to a binary relation such that, whenever one element is related to a second element and the second element is related to a third element, then the first element is also related to the third element. Examples of transitive relations are "less than" for real numbers (a < b and b < c implies a < c) and divisibility for integers (a divides b and b divides c mean that a divides c).
n. Grammar
A transitive verb.

[Late Latin trānsitīvus, passing over (translation of Greek diabibastikos), from trānsitus, past participle of trānsīre, to go over; see transient.]

tran′si·tive·ly adv.
tran′si·tive·ness, tran′si·tiv′i·ty n.
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Adv.1.transitively - in a transitive manner; "you can use the verb `eat' transitively or intransitively"
intransitively - in an intransitive manner; "you can use the verb `drink' intransitively, without a direct object"


[ˈtrænzɪtɪvlɪ] ADVtransitivamente


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In a transitive signature scheme, a signer wants to authenticate edges in a dynamically growing and transitively closed graph.
The even more abhorrent part is how these people are so very inherent to our society and in prospective ways they could disturb, deplore and rot the same both transitively and intransitively.
Boyd, though, as first-person narrator, transitively (to identify the other as other) inscribes (and describes) for the reader both Johnson's life and his own.
Such diagnoses transitively dismiss Trump's voters as crazy
Figure 1 shows the closure steps, in the first stage we have the graph presenting the relation R, and then, in the second step, we close transitively this graph.
On each Reidemeister class [[bar.[beta]]] of R[[bar.[phi]],[bar.[psi]]], the group [[PI].sub.1] /[[GAMMA].sub.1] acts transitively by the rule [bar.[beta]] [right arrow] [bar.[psi]] [([bar.[delta]])[bar.[beta]][bar.[phi]]([bar.[delta]]).sup.-1].
What all these texts share is a tendency to use consumption figuratively, to turn alcohol (and, transitively, all ingested substances) into a metaphor of corruption, which can be avoided by rejecting contact with dangerous worldly pleasures.
The functional difference is even clearer in (22), where vove is used transitively. Taking out turde would mean that people actually risked their own skin; with turde, it only means that they had the courage to potentially do so:
Kontorovich writes, "the word 'define' transitively
The latter acts transitively on the Minkowski space M which is homogeneous under P.
One can see that [GAMMA](G, S) is regular and that G acts transitively on it, hence [GAMMA](G, S) is homogeneous.
Moreover, we deduce that PGL(4, R) acts locally transitively on [R.sup.3.sub.P].