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The six-part film series tells the moving story of the first 48 elephants and what it takes to translocate these majestic creatures a staggering 1,700km to Zinave National Park.
However microplastic particles smaller than 130 micrometres in diameter "have the potential to translocate into human tissues (and) trigger a localised immune response".
Seed P remobilize rapidly and translocate towards emerging seedling sinks, and is the main source to sustain early plant growth.
You have to translocate yourselves back in time and judge this by the standards of that era."
Processing methods common to whole muscle beef, especially blade tenderization and the injection of brine, can translocate bacteria from the meat's surface to internal tissues where their chances of survival during thermal treatments are increased.
Singh pleaded in his petition that the wildlife department of Jaipur had failed to take requisite permission under section 12 of the Wildlife Protection Act ( 1972) before proceeding to translocate the tiger from the reserve.
Forest Department and Archaeological Survey of India are launching a wildlife research project to study and eventually translocate about 30- 35 wild jackals from Akbar's Tomb in Sikandra, Agra to safe natural habitat.
In case of oxidative stress, Nrf2 is released from KEAP1 and freed to translocate to the nucleus and promote transcription of antioxidant response elements (ARE)-related genes.
Teams of trained local contractors scour the forest before clearance to remove and translocate slow-moving animals, such as sloths and tortoises, to previously restored forest areas.
Although we found that pink abalone are optimal candidates for translocation based on their more sedentary behavior, which promotes the maintenance of translocated aggregations, the major hurdle for pink abalone will be to find enough of them to translocate. In many regions of southern California, pink abalone densities are so low that many hours of search time will be needed to gather animals for translocation.
One potential mitigation option would be to translocate platform-associated fishes away from the platform prior to the implementation of explosives.
Injecting brine solutions into beef cuts to enhance the product's tenderness or flavor may translocate E.