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 (trăns′lo͞o′nər, trănz′-, trăns-lo͞o′-, trănz-)
Extending beyond the moon or the moon's orbit around the earth.


(trænzˈluːnə) or


1. (Astronomy) lying beyond the moon. Compare cislunar
2. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) unworldly or ethereal
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Adj.1.translunar - situated beyond the moon or its orbit around the earthtranslunar - situated beyond the moon or its orbit around the earth; "who can imagine a translunary visitor in Times Square?"
2.translunar - unworldly or etherealtranslunar - unworldly or ethereal; "high translunary dreams"
heavenly - of or belonging to heaven or god
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0844 338 5000 THEATRE Translunar Paradise After his wife passes away, William escapes to a fantasy world of past memories, far from the reality of his grief.
Unity Theatre - 8pm, PS14/PS12 THEY'VE brought Ballad of the Burning Star and Translunar Paradise to Liverpool, and now Theatre Ad Infinitum are back with Light.
Observations of all the Apollo Spacecraft were made during translunar coast.
THEATRE/SHOWS BLACKWOOD: Blackwood Miners'' Institute (01495 227206), Translunar Paradise.
BEST FRINGE Not a word was spoken during Theatre Ad Infinitum's Translunar Paradise yet its ability to draw the audience into its characters' emotions was breathtaking.
Because its launch vehicle has excess payload capacity, the mission will also carry an experiment called LCROSS for observing a planned lunar crash of the vehicle's translunar injection stage.
The flight regime for the DOD's Earth-orbiting payloads and that for a translunar injection make it impossible for both agencies to use identical second stages because the thrust level required for NASA's missions far exceeds that required by the DOD.
Leaving Earth orbit on a three-day translunar traverse requires a velocity increase of 3,100 meters per second; capturing into a preferred lunar orbit requires a velocity decrease of 1,100 m/s; and descent to the lunar surface requires a further decrease of 1,900 m/s.
First, a new heavylift booster will launch an empty lunar module and a heavy translunar upperstage engine into Earth orbit.
Out of Earth's Cradle: The Translunar Travel Narrative in the Western Tradition.