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Adj.1.Translunary - situated beyond the moon or its orbit around the earthtranslunary - situated beyond the moon or its orbit around the earth; "who can imagine a translunary visitor in Times Square?"
2.Translunary - unworldly or etherealtranslunary - unworldly or ethereal; "high translunary dreams"
heavenly - of or belonging to heaven or god
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Shakespeare's quotation of "love at first sight" from Hero and Leander (176) is in tune with other testimony about Marlowe having the same perception of "brave translunary things / That the first poets had." (6) But this grisly wordplay on saying, seeing, and sawing also poses the jury's question of what it was the deceased saw at last sight, before the knife struck his eye.
Thus easily can Earth digest A cinder of sidereal fire, And make her translunary guest The native of an English shire The moss, wind, and rain are thus "digest[ing]" the meteorite, in a metaphor, or making it "native" to England, in another.
But I think that there's a connection between these borrowings and the desire to experience Marlowe's poetry as something large and "translunary." On the one hand, borrowings can make a dramatist say things one wishes he had said.