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 (trăns-mī′grāt′, trănz-)
intr.v. trans·mi·grat·ed, trans·mi·grat·ing, trans·mi·grates
1. To migrate.
2. To pass into another body after death. Used of the soul.

[Latin trānsmigrāre, trānsmigrāt- : trāns-, trans- + migrāre, to migrate; see migrate.]

trans′mi·gra′tion n.
trans·mi′gra′tor n.
trans·mi′gra·to′ry (-mī′grə-tôr′ē) adj.
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Moving from one habitat to another on a seasonal basis:
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Moreover, the offspring of an Asian transmigratory population showed a rising incidence of type 1 diabetes approaching that of the indigenous English population (Bodansky, Staines, Stephensen, Haigh, & Cartwright, 1992).
[4] The hegemonic utility of this transmigratory "journey" as a literary and more recently a cinematic and televisual trope is not necessarily about the civil rights or social equality of trans people, but about the production and consumption of texts that arrange and validate an optimistic liberalism that nonetheless excuses continuing conditions of transgender unfreedom and material inequality.
Conversely, during transcellular migration, interactions between ICAM-1 and VCAM-1 on the EC surface induce formation of vertical microvilli-like projections (called "transmigratory cups") [27] that provide directional guidance for leukocyte extravasation.
In an important essay for anyone studying Hawthorne's Gothic, John Carlos Rowe perceives in this authorial transformation of citizenship Hawthorne's recognition that "American literature' will have to be simultaneously national and transnational," performing a "transmigratory function, which enables the reader to experience spirits of history and ghosts of the past to be imaginatively reincarnated in the characters of a literary fiction, whose temporality is the present" (95).
(37) The Philippines has gone one step further to organize officially its transmigratory workers as overseas contract workers whose remittances help raise the standard of living of families back home.
Adult inflammatory response is characterized by rapid increase in gingival fluid, the number of transmigratory neutrophils and the inflammatory infiltrate into the connective tissue.
Cross-national linkages, because of accelerated globalization, inspire complex transmigratory networks that sustain cultural identities and social belongings across national borders (Karim 2006).