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Noun1.transmission channel - a path over which electrical signals can passtransmission channel - a path over which electrical signals can pass; "a channel is typically what you rent from a telephone company"
transmission - communication by means of transmitted signals
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voie de transmission
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Notably, a recent BIS paper warns that EM-based non-financial firms have been using hard currency loans to extend domestic currency trade credit to local clients--a potential transmission channel for financial stability risks.
The cable networks are the most resistant to mechanical damage and thus constitute still operating (when battery powered) transmission channel under various critical situations.
It helps the BSP assess the robustness of credit demand conditions as well as conditions in asset markets, and the overall strength of bank lending as a transmission channel of monetary policy.
By using a combination of different techniques to address specific problems in real networks, CMS is designed to resolve the bottleneck in a transmission channel and improve performance.
The starting point of our analysis is confined to discussing the response of aggregate as well as sectoral output to one standard deviation shock to overnight call money rate in the absence of any transmission channel. Figure 1 depicts that aggregate and sectoral output (excepting S8 and to some extent S1) tend to decline with one standard deviation shock to the overnight call money rate.
"Our scheme records an additional signal that lets us know if the light particle has made it through the transmission channel. This means that the failed distribution events can be excluded up front, allowing the communication to be implemented securely even in the presence of very high loss," she added.
To evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed correlation-based SA transmission channel detection under various wireless channel conditions, we adopted the Friss path loss model and shadowing effect, as expressed in (8):
In consideration of receiver types like the ICD/ZF or the MMSE, it is assumed that the transmission channel is perfectly known.
In the presence of channel distortion, the received FBMC/ OQAM signal can be expressed as follows if the transmission channel can be considered as flat during each subchannel:
The insertion of a CP, transmission channel, noise, equalization, and other issues have been omitted in order to focus just on GFDM-OQAM waveform modulation and demodulation.
Coding techniques is utilized for giving reliable information over the transmission channel. In coding techniques, the number of symbols in the source message is increased in order to simplify two essential goals at the receiver first, is error detection and the other is error correction to minimize the effect of noise and interferences in receiver side.

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