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Noun1.transmission time - the coordinated universal time when a transmission is sent from Earth to a spacecraft or other celestial bodytransmission time - the coordinated universal time when a transmission is sent from Earth to a spacecraft or other celestial body
coordinated universal time, UTC - Greenwich Mean Time updated with leap seconds
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"The data transmission time to Europe is around 200 milliseconds, and for the closest Microsoft cloud server, in South Africa, 55 milliseconds.
According to SpaceX, placing about a fourth of those satellites at lower earth orbit reduces transmission time to 15 milliseconds while using 16 fewer satellites.
SpaceX claims that by operating satellites at 550 km, the Starlink constellation will have much lower signal latency, cutting down transmission time to just 15 milliseconds.
To deliver advanced connected car capabilities, Wind River Edge Sync technology can provide differential updates that allow the ability to minimize data update size, transmission time, and memory usage for updating vehicle software over the air.
He said the fifth generation technology will enable companies and individuals to enjoy super-high speeds, faster transmission time for data and an increase in the reliability of network performance.
In addition to this, 76 (41.5 %) of the respondents strongly agreed and 65 (35.5 %) of them agreed that the transmission time of the Hello Fana program was suitable for them.
Park, "Transmission time of a particle in the reflectionless Sech-squared potential: quantum clock approach," Physics Letters A, vol.
Previously, handshaking based MAC protocols are considered to be effective in collision avoidance since the transmission time of control packets are neglected.
Apacer AH359 is equipped with USB 3.1 Gen 1 high speed interface which is up to 5Gb per second, greatly reducing transmission time and allowing efficient digital life.
Finally, a new radio frame structure incorporating extremely short transmission time slots was employed to reduce over-the-air latency.
However, as described in Section 3.3, the data transmission time associated with buffer read and write is considerable on a mobile platform.
More specifically, the proposed spectrum sensing algorithm can minimize the sensing and transmission time through a knowledge-based reasoning approach, in which an optimization problem is formulated, based on proactive fast sensing and channel quality information.

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