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 (trăns′mĭ-sŏm′ĭ-tər, trănz′-)
A device used to measure transmission of light through a medium.

trans′mis·som′e·try n.
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an instrument used to measure light transmission through a material
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In 1993, the first indications of hydrothermal activity ~5 km NW of North Su (near Station 18G) were obtained, which showed a 0.7% transmissometer anomaly (% reduction in light transmission relative to background) at around 1450 m depth [11].
For the sensor-based method, the majority of sensors dedicated to measuring visibility distances (such as scatterometer, transmissometer) are expensive to operate, and these sensors are often quite complicated to install and calibrate correctly.
The IMD measures visibility with the help of transmissometer with a 30-minute temporal and 5 km spatial resolution.
This research evaluates the size distribution and total concentration of SPM in the Northern Gulf of Mexico using a Laser In-Situ Transmissometer (LISST) by Sequoia Scientific, during five research cruises in 2009 and 2010, prior to the Deepwater Horizon event.
Measurements of light transmission in deep sea with the AC9 transmissometer. Nucl.
Transmissometer measurements were made continuously throughout the experiment, and the fog densities obtained ranged between 5 and 15 m (MVR).
The OASIS moorings each comprise a suite of instruments: a thermistor chain to measure temperature with depth, a conductivity-temperature-depth sensor, a fluorometer to measure chlorophyll, a transmissometer for light transmission, meteorological instruments, a spectroradiometer, that measures light at different wavelengths, an acoustic Doppler current profiler, a carbon-dioxide sensor, a PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) sensor, and such system diagnostic information as battery-power levels.
The sensor suite included a Seabird CTD, upward- and downward-looking ADCPs, dye fluorometer, transmissometer, and dissolved oxygen sensor, with a fiber-optic tow cable providing telemetry.