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 (trăns-mĭt′, trănz-)
v. trans·mit·ted, trans·mit·ting, trans·mits
1. To send from one person, thing, or place to another; convey. See Synonyms at send1.
2. To cause to spread; pass on: transmit an infection.
a. To impart or convey to others by heredity.
b. To impart or convey to others by inheritance.
4. To pass along (news or information); communicate.
a. Electronics To send (a signal), as by wire or radio.
b. Physics To cause (a disturbance) to propagate through a medium.
6. To convey (force or energy) from one part of a mechanism to another.
To send out a signal.

[Middle English transmitten, from Latin trānsmittere : trāns-, trans- + mittere, to send.]

trans·mit′ta·ble adj.
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Adj.1.transmittable - (of disease) capable of being transmitted by infectiontransmittable - (of disease) capable of being transmitted by infection
infectious - easily spread; "fear is exceedingly infectious; children catch it from their elders"- Bertrand Russell
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Fumento acknowledges that the disease is transmittable, but high risk is usually applicable to addicts, bisexuals, and homosexuals who do not practice "safe sex."
The secretary said besides the diagnostic and treatment services, the department had also focused its attention on advocacy, communication and social mobilisation to end perceptions like TB wasn't curable; it spread via handshake; it's transmittable genetically or by sharing meal; patients required hospitalisation, and anti-TB medicines were of low quality or it caused infertility.
According to him, though the cancer can be said to be s3xually transmittable, when it is detected early, it is 100 per cent curable.
Zika has been found to be transmittable though sexual contact and the Aedes mosquito, which are also identified as a vector that can spread dengue and chikunguniya.
Qatar's only land border, the Abu Samra crossing with Saudi Arabia, is equipped with world-class equipment and facilities to ensure that all imported animals and birds are free from diseases, especially those transmittable to humans, a senior official has stated.
The World Health Organisation said that Mers-CoV was believed to be transmittable ( between people but only in close contact.
The virus responsible for the outbreak, H7N3, has occasionally caused human disease in various parts of the world, according to the United Nations, but has not shown itself to be easily transmittable between humans.
Moreover, the dead animals are thrown at the open space which is harmful for the environment, healthy human beings and other animals, because most of the diseases causing deaths in animal are either zoonotic or environmentally transmittable. Dr.
"I avoid exposure to chemicals, mixing with crowds in enclosed spaces, I avoid people with colds and other transmittable diseases, I avoid smoky atmospheres, I eat healthily and I keep active."
The Rio de Janeiro Municipal Health Secretariat has launched its own campaign to prevent the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmittable diseases during the carnival season.
All connection technologies allowing the transmission of a number of bytes higher than what is transmittable by a modem via the telephone line or ISDN are currently considered as broadband technologies.