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 (trăns-mĭt′ns, trănz-)
1. A transmission.
2. Physics The ratio of the radiant energy transmitted to the total radiant energy incident on a given body.
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1. the act of transmitting
2. (General Physics) physics Also called: transmission factor a measure of the ability of anything to transmit radiation, equal to the ratio of the transmitted flux to the incident flux; the reciprocal of the opacity. For a plate of material the ratio of the flux leaving the entry surface to that reaching the exit surface is the internal transmittance. Symbol: τ Compare reflectance, absorptance
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(trænsˈmɪt ns, trænz-)

Physics. the ratio of the radiant flux transmitted through and emerging from a body to the total flux incident on it: equivalent to 1 minus the absorptance.
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Noun1.transmittance - the fraction of radiant energy that passes through a substancetransmittance - the fraction of radiant energy that passes through a substance
coefficient - a constant number that serves as a measure of some property or characteristic
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When these HDPE lenses are used for IR systems, it is necessary to make them sufficiently thin to provide high IR transmittance. However, thinning them makes them transparent, which makes it possible to view the device interior.
Shown is the estimated transmittance (T) for the hemispherical part of the radome in wet conditions during natural rain.
The optical transmittance spectra of ITO films were scanned by a UV-Visible spectrometer.
Objective Framework for Quantification of Transparency in Transparent Soil Based on Transmittance
where [Z.sub.0] is the impedance of free space (377 [ohms]), T is the transmittance, and [R.sub.s] is the sheet resistance of the PEDOT:PSS film.
Optical properties were measured by a transmittance and haze tester (WGT-S, Shanghai Physical Optics Instrument Co., Ltd).
The lens has 35% light transmittance in its lightest state, and when fully activated lens transmittance reaches 9% transmission.
The optical transmittance of Sn doped ZnO thinfilms prepared with different coating conditions are studied and their optical properties are analysed and reported.
In the antenna design, a compromise must be made between the light transmittance and surface impedance [4-6].
First, incident light frequency's effect on the transmittance of various color channels was analyzed according to the Beer-Lambert Law, from which a proportion among various channel transmittances was derived; after that, images were preprocessed by downsampling to refine transmittance, and then the original size was restored to enhance the operational efficiency of the algorithm; finally, the transmittance of all color channels was acquired in accordance with the proportion, and then the corresponding transmittance was used for image restoration in each channel.
Generally, the thickness of metal layer was about 8-14 nm [1] because the too thick metal layer made the light transmittance decrease while the too thin one did not form a continuous layer and made the electrical conductivity decrease dramatically.